Any idea about the DLC potentially revealed by the license titles

hi all,

new to srk, so am very sorry if this thread is repeating things already discussed.
but the other dat while looking through the ‘set title’ menu. there are titles which are rewarding by beating shadow battles and also for being a number of events.

i already have the three current shadow battles, however am guessing from these titles that there are more to come. there are around 15 titles obtainable from shadow battles and around 40 titles obtainable from being events. these numbers are approximations as i can’t remember precisely.

just wondering if anybody had heard any news, rumor or hearsay as to if/when there will be more shadow battles and also what these events entail.


Yes, there will be more shadow battles. They’re just going to release them and as of now we don’t have any release dates on them. Those blank titles could literally just be blank and place holders until the new shadow battles come out and they put new titles in that fit them.

They’re not blank. There’s a complete list in the BradyGames guide.

Ah, didn’t know that.

didn’t realize there were mentioned in the brady games guide, does the guide reveal anything about what the ‘event’ titles will be rewarded for

thanks to both of you for replying :smiley:

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