Any idea on how to beat bison at the end of SFA3 arcade mode?

I just bought the SF Alpha Anthology yesterday at Gamestop and boy is this games CPU broken compared to any current capcom fighting games. Even on the lowest star bison is a bitch to deal with. Its as if he doesn’t get affected by the difficulty settings AT ALL. Anyone know a good character that can handle him? I’m trying to unlock Hyper SF Alpha as quick as possible since that’s what i mainly wanna play.

YAAA RIGHT! SFA3 was my first step back into SF since i was playing ST WAAAAY back in the day on genesis before i could comprehend the concept of a link:rofl:

A3 CPU was deff harder than any of the games ive bought recently. but as far as the golden key to beating him i dont think theres any straight foreward attack patern or god teir character to beating him. I just used Ryu and turtled, knowing how to block attacks that were coming at me and dropping simple combos to work away at him. hope that helps some.

i would do what mufasa said, turtle his ass, hes not like my favorite boss from the 3 series… so u dont have to worry about one hit kills. Just turtle and zone him as best you can. Ryu is probably a safe choice.

This is from years ago, but when I played it on playstation my strategy was to wait for him to crouch. He’ll either throw out a psycho shot or do his super. If he does the shot, jump over it and punish. If he does the super, block. That’s the easiest way of doing it I think.

If you know how to play with V-ISM, then it’ll be a be easier for you to win because of the V-ISM infinite juggles, loops, and invincibility frames when activated.
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When he has meter, STOP JUMPING. A3 Bison was a bitch, but he wasn’t Omega Rugal-level bad.

Oh god, there’s a reason they call it SNK boss syndrome.

Omega Rugal would Genocide Cutter your face off 100% of the time the instant your feet left the ground, but that’s another time.

muffles a sob

Actually, I did find a couple of things:

At about sweep range or just outside of it, do a low jab or low short. If done correctly, he will crouch down. Walk up and jump in for a combo because he’s going to throw a Psycho Shot.

If he teleports, he’ll usually do it twice. The 2nd time will usually be right behind you. So, be ready to sweep or combo him.

Be careful about jumping in too much, cause the CPU Bison won’t hesitate to air throw you.

If he has a full meter, he will do a Devil Reverse Punch, then go straight into his Mega Psycho Crusher. Block it, and nail him when he fazes out of it. If he doesn’t have a full meter he will do his Devil’s Reverse then one of 2 things:
-Scissor Kick. Block it and sweep him.
-He takes a step back and crouches. He’s setting up a Psycho Shot. Jump in and punish.

That’s all I have, hope that helps.

thanks, but i already beat him after learning how to use V-isms. Its definitely the strongest Ism from where i’m standing. Seems sorta inbalanced with one really good Ism and two other “meh” ones.

With Bison, I played Charlie in A3…I would attempt to abuse the sonic boom, sweeps and flashkicks. And just epicly turtle and try to keep as FAR away fromhim as possible.

Bison has a fairly easy boring pattern. I played this a lot on 1999, so if memory serves me right:

  • Whenever Bison is walking towards you or dancing (moving forward and back), move away from him until he ducks. He’ll do this 90% of the time. You can safely follow with a flying attack and a combo. He’ll always use Psycho Cannon (or is it Ball?) after ducking.
  • The most important thing is: when his meter is full, continue fighting him normally, but when he does Skull Dive (the jumping dive with both hands), prepare to block because he’ll ALWAYS follow with Psycho Crusher. This is the most important part. If you want to turtle it out, just wait for that move.

Those are the only two tips I can give you. Don’t jump on Bison if he’s not ducking, because he’ll jump and air-throw you pretty easily.

I played as Ken using A-ism. I never had a problem due to a fluke I found out. I accidently used heavy shoryuken right before Bison’s special hit and it dodge. Never worked for me all the time, but oh well it got me through once in a while.

ohh man i remember way back i used to turtle the entire match with a-ism ken the whole time. I just block all that psycho garbage and time supers for when he’s close. Grats on beating him, i need to learn how to effectively use v-sim, its been too long.

I have to play him again now, i don’t remember him being too hard, i thought st arcade bison was harder.


In short:

Whiff Jabs. This will make him do something you can punish.

When he teleports, he will almost always teleport into striking distance of your character.

Skull dive (Devil’s Reverse) is followed by a super 90% of the time. Block and punish.

If he crouches for more than one second he’s probably about to throw a fireball. Jump in and punish.