Any idea what's going on?

I’ve got a modded Hori Fightstick EX2, that I changed the buttons on. All the buttons are wired right into the motherboard. The soldering is pretty amateur-ish, but it works. Just recently a button went out, so I went to resolder the wire and it still doesn’t work. But not only that, a lot more buttons don’t work now. Did I do something wrong going after that solo button, does anyone else have experience with this?

Please help, I want to get back to playing SUPER as soon as possible, lol.

it could be a lot of things, so it’s probably best you post pic’s of the connections on the affected buttons. Maybe you bridged some connections or fried part of the board when you re-soldered or something? I don’t know how ‘amateurish’ you mean, but if the solder is globbed on there, you might be best off getting a desoldering braid, cleaning up your job, and maybe practicing to get a little more precise before re-doing it?