Any idea when 2012 will come out?

Will it be sometimes this December or next month?

I thought it was the 13th of this month, though I could be wrong.

Out in arcades now. Console version on the 13th.

at first it was going to come out the November 30, but the changed it to December 13

Ok cool, thanks all. 10 more days.

Does anyone know whether the PC version will be updated on same day or later (and if the latter, when)?

Should be the same day for consoles since companies have to get approval from Nintendo, Sony, MS, etc before releasing it on console. PC doesn’t have to go through the approval process.

a year later

Well, any news on this?

End of february, no set date yet. They will do a blog post around the time that they submit the patch to microsoft for certification. Cert usually takes ~2-3 weeks so I’m thinking we will get a set date next week hopefully.