Any idea when these Super Street Fighter 4 Chun-Li sticks will be available?

I’ve searched around but have been unable to find any info. I’m talking about this stick;
Yfrog Image : - Uploaded by Capcom_Unity

Anyone know when it comes out and how we can nab one?

When Penny Arcade Expo happens.

That’s confirmed info? Have a source on that? Not that I’m doubting you per se, I’d just like to see to confirm 100% =)


I would get one of those just for the case.
The blue is awesome.

I already see some folks from Tech Talk buying it just to mod it with as many LEDs as they possibly can.

Well hi there Markman, guess I’ll be bringing monay monay mooooonay to pax!

Also lets do lunch/dinner/food at pax!

Is that pic at Evo? Carpet looks similar :slight_smile:

yea that pic is at evo

Markman… I got ton of Arc-Eye led boards and one of Toodle’s led controller board just itching to go into one of these XD

Are the sticks only going to be available at PAX or is that just where they will first be sold and then shipped out to other places?

Sad since i wont be able to go to the event. i can only order online when they are available or available for pre-order…T_T