Any in depth tuts on FA?


It’s one thing that’s missing from my game. I run into some OP’s that are so good at it. Some of them use it better than regular pokes. I really want to know how to use it effectively. MY biggest problem is that I either hold it too long, or release it too fast. I need explanation on the timing, what situations to use it ect.


check out this vid might help might not



^Thanks. I got FADC down, and using it to build meter. My thing is that when I know someone is about to jump in I use it, and soon as I get hit I release it, but for some reason they are able to block it or get in a second hit to to cancel it. I wonder if it has anything to do with my FA being mapped to LT? I also want to perfect FA on knock down. Some guys can time it perfect and leave you helpless if don’t have any good wake up options like Cody. But when I do it, I usually get thrown out of it. Again, I think it’s my timing. I just don’t know.


if your FA gets blocked dash forward
you can either grab after the dash or do a combo that hit confirms

(a hit confirm is when you combo c.lp to confirm if youre hitting the opponent or if he is blocking)


I don’t think one exists, as it’d be listing a whole bunch of what if sort of situations. Realize that it’s a guessing game, and the emphasis is on reading your opponent, sometimes you’re lucky enough to use FA on reaction, but it generally relies on prediction/diceroll.

There’s just so many counters, to counters with FA. Since you can dash at any time to throw. Poke beats an FA on release, But FA beats a slow recovery poke if held in and released at the right time. FA safe against another FA, if you release it then backdash on hit, however you can try to predict their release, and go for FA1 CH. There’s just so many options, that you really need to feel it out imo, however i’ll list a couple of situations in the next post to use it.

Maybe if you explain how and when you get hit. You never really hold it too long or release it too fast, generally it means you got outsmarted, and they took the betters choice.


Oh this one is easy, just training dummy someone to do a jump in to practice the timing. Blocking is entirely normal for FA AA, if it hits, they just started a blockstring or something, maybe even throw, they can only beat it by doing a really deep jump in or empty throw, or dp when they land. You can always differ your FA release though to try and counter it, it’s tricky stuff, This is why FA AA is RISKY, because if both players are equally skilled in FA and beating FAs, the Risk vs Reward is in their favour, unless you outpredict them.

Edit: Just so i don’t make 3 posts in a row, All you need to do against an FA on wakeup is to backdash, it’s the safest option. If you want to look at frame data, FA has 2 active frames, so it’s really easy to avoid and backdash out of it.

Situations for FA is Bait and react. FA absorb and dash forward if they only poke. FA is best used at sweep range so they can’t poke and combo, any closer and it’s not as good, but this depends on your character. It’s also good to use it after a short blockstring, to maintaining pressure, and possibly bait out a reversal if you FA just at the range where they can’t reversal armor break.

The Risk increases the longer you hold it, after you hit level 2, and the closer you are to the opponent.