Any info about two sticks from Focalprice? offers YX3-J03 Wrestle Joystick for XBOX 360 (White) ,discount YX3-J03 Wrestle Joystick for XBOX 360 (White),YX3-J03 Wrestle Joystick for XBOX 360 (White) products,low price YX3-J03 Wrestle Joystick for XBOX 360 (White),cheap YX3-J03 W

Anyone got their hands on one of these?
Decent stock parts (lol)?

I know about some wrestle sticks for ps2/ps3, but Ive never heard about this one for xbox 360. offers Streamline Design Mini Arcade Stick for PS3/PC (Black) ,discount Streamline Design Mini Arcade Stick for PS3/PC (Black),Streamline Design Mini Arcade Stick for PS3/PC (Black) products,low price Streamline Design Mini Arcade Stic

/\ I’m also curious about this one

Any technical information will be appreciated.
Thanks and sorry about my bad english.

Not sure why you’d want either of these over an SE. Both look like ass.

yeah they look like garbage

getting a SE stick in non-US countries it’s a lot of money u_u

It would cost me R$300 or more (around $150) on my country.
Recently, we’ve got national distributors for Mad Catz products, and guess what, TE for R$1000 lol (not kidding).

God damn that’s expensive. I’m guessing Hori sticks are also out of the question? Do you have access to a Mayflash or Paewang stick maybe? At least those have modding tutorials for them and don’t look like ass.

OK, so according to a currency exchange website a locally bought TE stick would work out to 574.061 USD which makes me wonder why people wouldn’t simply order one from a US based website and just suck up the international shipping charges because whatever the shipping is the total is going to be way less than buying it locally. Or is shipping that much of a crapshoot?

@Nobus they’re probably that expensive because of some insane tax thing, if you ship it yourself you’d have the same problem.

Also they look like crap like mentioned before. Especially the first one wow, that is one ugly-ass nasty looking stick. Did they recycle old XBOXs (HUGE) to build these?

As xyanide1986 said above, we get insane tax even on shipping, specially when it is something heavy (no tax only for books, magazines, etc).

And yes, those sticks sure do look like trash, but if the buttons/stick would be moddable, I could live with their ugly designs. offers Arcade Fighting Stick Street Fighter 4 Joystick Pad for PS3 (Black) ,discount Arcade Fighting Stick Street Fighter 4 Joystick Pad for PS3 (Black),Arcade Fighting Stick Street Fighter 4 Joystick Pad for PS3 (Black) products,low p
At least this one is presentable. I doubt anybody’s going to be able to tell you how modable these sticks are.

But why can you ship from China (or Japan?) without the same tax problems you get from US?

If he can order from without the taxation issues then he would be in much better shape as even the most cheapo sticks there are likely going to be more moddable than what he’s looking at elsewhere.

I never go taxed purchasing stuff from Focal Price, they do something on the package, if Im not wrong they declare the items as gift, plus the shipment is free and the sticks I asked about are light, so people that work on taxes dont notice it.

I just wish they had some decent stuff on these sites, I had my hopes for someone to say good things about that one for PS3/PC, the size looks good to carry with my laptop on a trip.
Well, guess Im out of luck.