Any info for a scrub?



hey Im not really new to this but I need some help about ryu.

like strategies combos etc.

Im pretty good at parrying but whats this red parry ive been hearing about? Ive never seen any1 turning red.

when u do the Hp Hk combo can u follow up anything after HK?

is there anyway to connect the EX qcf k without standing up?

and I dont know if this is true but my friend told me that the arcade unlocked Evil Ryu then they took him off becuz he was too powerful.

any help would do.


I’m pretty new to 3rd Strike as well, I found it useful to read the older threads for Ryu, they’re very informative and answer alot of questions.


Hit em with an ex fireball… he’ll turn red.

You can’t follow up the fierce + roundhouse chain with anything to combo. The chain kinda sucks and is best used on characters like hugo, and possibly only hugo because you can hit him while he’s crouching, and you know how much people like to crouch in fighting games.

Any way you slice it, you have to stand to connect the ex side kick. Except, I guess, with a crouching fierce, but that requires you to move the joystick back before the half-circle, so you might as well just stand up and do a standing forward or fierce instead.

The red parry occurs during what would normally be a combo. You can break the block stun only by attempting a red parry (or letting go of the joystick, of course, since they took auto blocking out of sf3). While normal parries are fairly easy to time, the red parry is much less forgiving. While blocking, move the joystick to neutral before tapping it forward, but really fast. An example would be blocking ken’s super three, and red parrying the last hit. Best way I can describe it is parrying almost at the exact instant the hit would come.


thnx for the info,

but I still dont understand the red parry. so u hold back then when u tap forward before whatevers coming at u hits u??


Basically when you block for example a super, you block all the hits, let the stick go back to neutral right before the last hit comes, and move the stick forward just as the last hit connects to red parry it.


So I have to get hit in order to do it?


u have to block the hits but at the last hit press ur stick forward but let it pass neutral and u parry it