Any info on the Gamerfinger VL Case?


Was browsing the Gamerfinger website when I saw this:

Anyone know anything about this? A small picture can be seen on the little hover menu to the left. Considering that VLX’s are out of print, this definitely looks cool.


All I got is a 404 Error.


Looks sick, seems like its very fresh because Ive not seen it before. Wating for the opical stick as well


Well that is the mystery. It looks like they have not update their site in like two years or something. I’m just glad they still exist.


There is a thumbnail on the left side nav bar.


Looks to me like a Kdit VL metal fight stick


I still can’t get over those octagonal rims.


Me neither mainly because I’m sure trying to get them all lined up and if they rotate while gaming will get my OCD blood to boil


I thought the rims would bother me a lot but I quite like like them. But I am the same tensho, it also becomes much more of a difficult task rotating them because of how tight they are. Also added note, I would love them in that gold color.


They’re almost singlehandedly a dealbreaker. I wish they’d get over themselves.


The rims are fine as they are.

What they could possibly need is a more convex rim, to facilitate easier slide inputs.


The only thing Im unhappy with is the clear plungers who have a white surface peeking out under the plunger art you place on top, but other then that I think the buttons feel 100 times better than Sanwa


Direct link to image


They sell them on ebay for a hefty price and shipping.

And a member on here has one he painted white and got the custom clear sides to show LED lights I think, Syn13


Agreed 101% If the gamefinger buttons where round instead of octagonal I would own a set by now.


After using the HBSF buttons for a couple weeks, I gotta say the feel you get totally outweighs the octagon rims.

The Gamerfinger case looks like a derivative of that ebay case, but I don’t think it’s the same. Cool find though.

And geez that white one is ridiculously clean. Can I commission you for artwork if I get this case, @syn13? ;D


And even then I still wouldn’t own a set because snap-in. I am happy with my Seimitsu RG switch mods which feel similar and activate at a more sensitive touch.


The buttons actually feel fantastic, although i do agree that I wish they weren’t octagonal rims. Either way i’d LOVE to have some other colors in translucent as well as the case.


The unique shape is actually pretty smart from an advertising/sponsorship angle. Not for everybody clearly, but unlike the big 2, they standout without having to ask somebody.


I’m almost completely certain this is why they did it.

Agreed (I have two sets – a standard 8-pack of 30mm, and a kit for a hitbox), but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re an annoying eyesore. I do think @kikimaru024 is on to something about better designing it around slide inputs - at least whatever design they’d come up with in that case would have a functional priority. As the design exists now, it’s just daft.