Any info on Tv hookups at Westgate?


For anyone who is there or has stayed there previously, what are the room Tv’s like and what’s the hookup situation (what kinds, are they accessible, do we need hotel staff to hookup etc.) ?



so far in the rooms i have been all have a LG 37lt670h, i didnt find any test on this model but from what i have seen it lags a bit


I just checked in and talked to the front desk. HDMI is locked out, and the input on the TV cannot be changed, even by the hotel staff. If you want to play games, bring a monitor.

This is the one thing I think EVO staff REALLY needs to post next year when they figure out the venue.


Yep. You cannot use the tv inputs. I also called the desk and asked. I’m considering going and buying a cheap 32 inch to at least get some play time or something.


You can get them to work…with the right tools.