Any info on when beta codes are being sent out?


If the beta is dropping the 23rd it should be soon. Do we know if preloading will be an option? My body is ready.


I believe the codes should be sent out the 20th. I would call your gamestop (if that is where you got it from) and make sure they email you the code. As of Saturday they weren’t in the system yet.


Plaid is correct.
All Beta keys go out on the 20th or if you purchased it via PSN you’ll have to download the beta client on the 23rd when the it activated.
I got mine from Best Buy today and sadly they didn’t even have Cards made up for SF5 at my store. So all I have is a $5 receipt, lol.


Just wait till the 20th before you pre order so that you will get the beta code when you purchase it.


I pre-ordered from Amazon. They better e-mail my code.


I heard “hear-say” of the preorder deadline being the 17th.
I called BS on it, considering Peter didn’t mention it in his Beta breakdown. But I went ahead and got it just in case.


I’m in the same boat. I’m waiting patiently though.