Any Information on HOW to Build a Joystick Case?

Wondering if there’s a link/thread which shows you how to build your own arcade box from scratch.

I’d like to make my own custom box so this info would be pretty sweet.

You have been here for how long? Don’t you know that everything is found at slagcoin’s site


just use butt joints, strong wood glue, and brads. it’ll hold.

lol in that case, duct tape is the solution to ALL problems!!

I wish I had the tools to make a custom =(

if you go to home depot they can cut all the wood for you. alls you really need is clamps, glue, dowels, and all the materials for painting or finishing.

I don’t have the tools necessary either but like James123 said, there’s plenty of places which will do the cutting for you.

I just need some sort of detailed schematic or something so I can get an idea of all the different sizes of each piece of wood.

i will draw you one up right now. how big do you want your surface area on the top of the box? when i made a custom i had the top panel the side of a piece of paper so the artwork would be easy to work with. it had 1/2" thick sides so it was 9.5"x12" for the surface area on the top.

tell me what type of button you want and how much surface area you want and i will make you the plans for a simple case.

Wow that’d be sweet (I sense treachery afoot…)

“it had 1/2” thick sides so it was 9.5"x12" for the surface area on the top."

Sure, let’s go with those specs.

The button layout I’d like is a Vewlix without the 7th button on the top row.

I suppose I can do that. I guess that makes a few more things to save up for.

come over.
i have everything sans a table saw

Aww snap. Maybe I should do a winter break project? haha

you could probably put a box together with duct tape, too :smiley:

doesn’t matter how ya do it, so long as it works, right? :smiley:

alright. this i just made in like… 10min very simple case design. it requires a 1/4" piece of lexan over the main control panel(notice the bottom panel and top panel are both 1/2"thick and the supporting posts are 2.4 3/4" long; add them up you get 3.4 3/4")

if you are confused like a mother fucker with the way i write my measurements im sorry…

Or just use rabbit joints instead, assuming you have the right saw blades on your table saw, or use with a milling or router.

you should also take a look at slagcoin’s idiot box

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot man!

Any chance you could post something that has the same sort of schematics for the top part? (Especially the dimension of the joystick ‘housing’)

what do you mean? i dont really understand what you are asking for. if you want to know how you will be able to put a stick layout on the top panel you just print out the layout on a 8.5x11" piece of paper and make sure the buttons are the correct size.

By the ‘joystick housing’ I meant this panel: (From Slagcoins site) Is this panel even necessary or just optional? If I didn’t want to create this panel, would I just screw the joystick to the bottom of the joystick case?

Just wondering though where would I be able to buy a Lexan top for the stick? Would putting artwork for the stick be as easy as just putting artwork under this Lexan?