Any interest in a list of good/bad matchups?

I’ve noticed that something the Marvel seems to lack compared to other games in is a compilation of good/bad matchups for characters.

I’m assuming the reason for this is because of the fact that you can take assists to make up for your weaknesses… but thinking about it, it would be just as easy to compile assists that are strong/weak vs specific characters as well.

For example Trish has a lot of strong matchups due to her style of zoning, but has a few key weak matchups as well (an obvious example being against a team with Strider’s Vaijra assist). A list may help in this instance because you could then find a character that is strong against Vaijra (or an assist that could punish it) if you need to face a team that’s built to counter yours.

I know Vaijra is strong vs a lot of characters, but more so vs Trish in this example, because it shuts down a large portion of her play style and nullifies many of her strong matchups.

Would there be any interest in compiling one of these as a community?

I would be interested, so it should be done. Everyone knows that I’m a highly influential member of the community.