Any interest in a SF4 tourney in milton?


Hi, a new game shop (play 'n trade games) opened up in milton ontario, and i was wondering if there would be any interest in a possible sf4 tourney there, it probably wouldnt be for at least a couple of weeks if there is interest. and the prize would be based on the # of people coming.

i know this isnt much information, but right now, i’m just trying to find out if there is enough interest to actually go to the trouble of organizing something.

ps: also thinking of throwing sf3 3s into the mix too, any thoughts?

  • Date

  • Time

  • Console

  • Will sticks be provided

Answer those questions first and then you’ll probably get feedback on interest.


ok thanks.

Date: yet to be determined (saturday, probably the april 18th, or 24th)

Time: will start in the area of 12-3ish, depending

Console: xbox 360 (possibly ps3 by request aswell)

sticks will not be provided.

as of now wheather or not the tournament is run will be dependant on interest showed, the last one we tried (wasnt posted here though :P) only 3 people signed up. so i’m checking here for interest.


If we’re 100% sure that it’s happening, and there’s some concrete prizes being given out (even if it’s players contribute to pot, pot gets split among winners), then you’ll get a few entrants for sure.

Tournaments with lots of notice have drawn 20+ players the last 2-3 times.

Where’s the exact location of this gaming store?


You’ll want to narrow down the date. A lot of people base their plans around tournaments so the sooner the game store locks in the date the better off you’ll be for a starting point.

That’s a massive window of time. A set time is in your best interest. If you tell people “early afternoon” it’s honestly relative to whoever reads it. Some could show early or later and it’d fall in that window.

As for the last point, it’s usually the other way around to be honest. It’d tough to expect the players within this community to express interest when the basics of details aren’t provided. As an example I could come on the 18th but not the 25th but can’t decide because no date is set. The typical tournament threads have a set structure so players can see if they can accomodate them and then post up. Check the stickied threads to see what I mean.

More tournaments are always a good thing for the community. I hope yours gets off the ground and another scene in Milton can be built up.


ok ill talk to the owner of the store and find out the information and post it later today

thanks for the advice :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s how to create a good tournament thread to draw a big interested crowd:

Here’s how to create a bad tournament thread that pisses off your player base:

We might seem anal about the details, but as Nagata said a lot of people base their weekend plans around whether they’re going to attend or not. I suggest you wait until you have a specific date and a specific prize plan out before posting any more information. Good luck, and I hope your tournament takes off.