Any Issay vs Nuki videos?

The newest gvision ranbat has Mester vs Nuki and Nuki was basically shutting down his mid screen GJ activations. I’ve seen K.O vs Nuki quite often. Basically I’m looking for Issay vs Nuki fights. I’m still convinced that Issay has the best GJ mixup into command grabs of any Yun, but I’d like to see how he does against Nuki.

Theres a ranbat where they play on the finals
Issay owns him
its from last year tough

K.O is better than Issay IMO
but still
he is a bad ass player

Yeah, K.O has a consistancy that no other Yun has. I would say Issay at his best is better than K.O. Its just that K.O always seems to be at his best.

issay is like number 3 after ko,and nitto but hes to boring imo i usuall skip all his matches unless hes playing someone i like
anywho issei plays nuki in 0607ranbat.wmv in the finals nuki wins they play again in 0730ranbat.wmv issei wins

I’ve always liked Issay fights. Forgot which ranbat, but it had Issay vs YSB and ended with Issay vs RX. I thought he was a lot of fun to watch in that. Thanks True, I’ll DL those both. (I had to format and lost all the ranbats I had saved)