Any issues with placing a stick art label on top of a hole plug?

I want to put some custom art on my HRAP EX, and thought about simply placing the art on top of the 2 hole plugs I have in place for the 2 extra buttons on the right side. Has anyone tried this? Does it stick fine (I’ll probably use lami-label)? Does it look okay outside of a possible slight bulge?

i would say it would be better if you removed them, then put the art over the holes, then filling the holes from the underside if you wanted. the bulges will make it look weird and overall lower the overall effect of the stick.

It’ll never work. It’ll look bad with the bulge and you’ll be constantly reminded of your quick way out when you use the stick.

So then, is there any good way to put the art over the stick without the hole plugs?

Why can’t you just put the art over the top of the stick and then put the plugs in?

This is what I’d suggest.

But then the plugs are visible. I basically want to have it so that the stick looks like a 6 button rather than an 8-button with hole plugs.

Oh okay, do the Seimitsu thing then. Put the plugs on the part of the art that it normally would be on. Cut off the two circles. peel off the circles and place them on the plugs.

idk, I myself can’t think of any other way.

What material is your plate that holds the buttons?

The only way would be to not use plugs.

Get a piece of wood or metal, affix it to the underside of the button holes (construction hot glue would probably work just fine) fill the holes with bondo. Let it cure, sand it down.

or just put the art over the empty holes

Heh, I wish that were an option. As much as this stick gets passed around among my buddies every other night (what a whore, right:rofl:), I wouldn’t trust doing that.

The wood thing and the Seimitsu idea sounds pretty good though, I’ll see.

Is your art lami labeled? I dont see how it would be a problem covering the hole with that…Its pretty thick & durable…

cover the holes without the buttons plugs and add a panel of plexi as well.