Any Joystick Repair Gurus in Sacramento?

Gawd it’s a long story with how all this happened but getting to the point my HRAP2 stick’s plug to the ps2 got chipped on the corner and it won’t work anymore. In addition I also have a tekken 5 hori stick that I had for a while but one day the buttons stopped working. I don’t even know how to open any of them nor do I know of what to do if I so happen to open any of them. Anyone out there can give me a hand with this bs or anyone know of any good repair places (fat chance most likely) I can go to?:bluu:

Ok strange turn of events. The tekken 5 stick seems to have rectified itself. It got to the point where only the [] and X buttons weren’t working but after a lot of test runs that problem seems to have gradually minimalized with rare occasions of them not working. Seems to be getting back to good shape. Still would like someone to look at it though if possible.

The HRAP2 hori still remains unfunctional.

Anyone in norcal willing to give me a hand?