Any known examples of "Saving it for nationals"?


Ive heard this saying since I got into the fgc in 2003, but ive never actually watched evo or any other tournament and seen an example of some new secret tech popping up.

I realize that in this era, having secret tech to show off is wayyy less likely but id love to hear about some times where minds were blown in tournament by tech that was being shown for the first time.

Chime in!


Back in the good East Coast vs West Coast MvC2 days, people wouldn’t do anything when being recorded.

Some of the stuff that I remember was anti Spiral tech before the big Sanford/Duc money match. Some of the Mag resets Yipes saved for SB2. The Iron Man 100% start with Mag and Sentinel assist was created by that dude from CTF with the helmet and then was copied by Josh 360 but Josh didn’t use it in front of anyone until tournament.

Also some unblockables and guard breaks:

Also, it’s more “save that shit for money matches” than “save that shit for nationals.”


Nice, thanks for that! Fascinating


Does BAS finding stuff out while playtesting CvS2 and not reporting them to Capcom count?


Out of curiosity, is there actual evidence of this? I hear this quite a bit, but don’t recall anyone actually showing proof of it. I just assumed it was a rumor, like most things on the internet.

Also, I’m pretty sure Valle saved the “Valle CC” and “V-Ryu” tech for majors in A2 and A3 respectively.


I recall asking him about it and him just nodding and saying “oh yeah”, though I’m not sure if he was serious with the answer.


“The Mike” in SSFII (maybe ST), doing a crossup j.HK with Ryu/Ken, whiff a st.LP and then throw. It’s not a typical tick/throw setup and it is (or was) really hard to react.

I don’t think that was known in the 90s prior to some big tournament in the USA. I remember reading about this in a magazine, back when “internet” was something completely unknown to everybody here


Definitely a east coast vs west coast mvc2 thing. When Justin Wong first was hyped up and Valle and him met up at a Midwest tournament for the first time - jwong was using anti-cable tech that west coast was weak on. Specifically I remember jwong using calling assist to bait out AHVB, then doing cammy super (startup invincible to projectiles). iirc no one was using this tech since at that point AHVB seemed so broken.


That just sounds like the typical Japanese style answer of not-answering though. It’s about as ambiguous as him shaking his head left-to-right while saying, “uh huh.”


Sabin’s Vanilla SF4 Sakura mix ups being saved for the Invitational that year is the last thing i remember of this sort thing. Everyones too excited to post their bullshit online so everyone can X-Copy them these days then to actually sit on it and reveal it at a worthwhile moment.


Here you go:




PR Rog exposing Infiltration’s crouch tech propensity with Rog’s Focus may not necessarily be STSFN, but it was something that wasn’t being done with Rog up to that point, so it partially counts.


Didn’t Japan try to show up to Evo with some UMvC3 tech?


No, they did it wrong.

They showed up to Final Round with UMvC3 tech.


Also, @crotchpuncha, correction, that wasn’t Sabin at Evo with the Sakura mix-up gimmicks. That was Sabre.

Sabin was still playing Sim hardcore in Vanilla, then had that aweseome money match with Daigo at Evo that year. Nothing really STSFN that Arturo did in that one either, but it was a really good match.


Ah fuck right. Was Sabre. Dammit. Thanks for the correction man.


“is that magneto!??”


Some people had STSFN’s some vanilla MvC3 tech (various unknown unblockables), but part of the problem here is that unless you win with it few people notice.


ehhhhhh, the only thing jwong did remotely unseen at mwc was play that marrow/guile/jug team lol. but for the anti-cable stuff…the west coast players that were there that played cable were SiN and Ricky, Viscant played Doom/storm/random aaa, and valle played watts. I don’t remember throughout the whole tournament him doing anything special tbh.