Any known wwe brawl stick problems?

was about to buy a spare stick and i was wondering if there are any reported problems with the wwe brawl stick that is modeled after the madcatz street fighter se sticks. this is not a “what stick should i buy?” thread, just asking if this stick has the same problems as the old madcatz sticks with faulty buttons and jlf’s.

im guessing because they are stock parts that they are, by default, going to die out. but an approximate life span would be nice. thnx!

The WWE Brawl Stick has improved buttons and joystick over the old SF SE.
Also technically the joystick in the WWE stick isn’t a JLF, but a knock off of one.
And the general consensus of the community is that Sanwa parts are better than stock parts for the WWE, the WWE parts aren’t complete crap like the SE parts were and are overall better than the SE parts, and even Hori’s knock offs.

The stick feels a bit… squishy - if that makes any sense - when compared to a Sanwa JLF. It’s not terribly bad, but feels awkward especially if you’re used to real Sanwa JLF levers. The button microswitches are noticeably softer than the SW-68 microswitch that OBSF-30s use. I’d agree with Darksakul, the parts are better than the previous Street Fighter IV MadCatz Fightstick SE, but still not quite as good as real Sanwa parts.

If you can find the spring from a JLF, you can simply swap that in and it’ll feel just about the same.

Mine hasn’t seen much play time yet, but so far so good as far as the physical controls are concerned. There are however some firmware quirks that may or may not be important for what you plan to use it for: WWE Brawl Stick - Impossible inputs and USB problems

Actually, the micro switches are slightly looser as well as the spring so does have a bigger a dead zone. Still, it feels alright and is a good stick to have as a spare.

I think it’s more the microswitches than the spring; they’re significantly softer and not quite as crisp. The spring does play a part, however, though I feel not as significantly as the microswitches.

Good news is you can swap in a TP-MA and a JLF spring, and you’re most of the way to a JLF for half the price.

if you’re planning on using the stock joystick you may want to buy a real sanwa gate to put on it. I don’t know if it was a thing for all of the brawlsticks, but mine came with a gate that was small enough that you couldn’t activate corners (like up-right, down-left, etc) I happened to have a JLF sitting there for another build so I tested out its square gate and it fits perfectly on the knock-off and solved the corners problem.

Out of the box:
Stick 1 - Joystick had problems with UL and UR. Buttons were fine.
Stick 2 - Joystick was fine. 2 buttons were bad.

thanks for the replies. i just wanted to know how long i could have one until i would have to replace the parts. thnx!

I play on a Brawl stick. The buttons lasted me about 2 months before I replaced them. The only problem I had with them was that the “A” button stopped working. Every other button still works. I never had any problems with the joystick. I modded the buttons and stick but only modded 6 buttons. I kept the last 2 buttons on the end. They still work fine to this day with no problem which includes me beat-drumming on them in between rounds. I’ve had the stick for 10 months already.

I just got a new one off of eBay for $52 total. (The nearest GameStop that had one for 29.99 was 50 miles away.) I didn’t realize how use to playing on real arcade parts I was until I started trying it out. The balltop is loose and keeps coming unscrewed. The joystick is loose and mushy. I kept missing QCFs. The buttons are okay, but you have to hit them almost dead center or the button press might not register. I guess it’s alright for a cheap stick, but I wouldn’t want to play on it stock for too long. Fortunately, I have a spare JLF with a new octogate that’s going in there. And I’ll be getting rid of the WWE artwork ASAP.

Stick art is gay. Good stick to mod. It was my first stick.

Sorry to derail, but does this stick have the smooth glossy art like the SFIV SE or the textured matte art like the TvC stick?

It’s like the SFIV SE.

If the ball is coming loose you can fix that with a screwdriver BTW.

I already replaced the stick with a JLF. I had an extra balltop around so I used that. When I took the Brawlstick apart there was a dustwasher UNDERNEATH the top panel. It must of caught the shaft of the stick and made the balltop come loose. This seller said this stick was new, and the warranty sticker was still intact. A mistake at the factory?

I think double dustwahers (one under the panel too) is a common thing. I’ve had MadCatz sticks as well as sticks with stock JLFs that had doubles.

Yup, it seems that one Dustwasher under the panel is the norm. The white pivot inside a JLF has grease so the dustwasher most likely covers it.

Good thread. I’ve just ordered mine and currently waiting for it to arrive.