Any known wwe brawl stick problems?

So I should have left the second dustwasher in there? Or does it even matter? My HRAP 3 doesn’t have a second one, and its fine.

Its called a dustwasher for a reason :slight_smile: They can get pretty grimey without the washer. I’ve opened up enough sticks and buttons to know this… incredible the amount of shit that gets in there.

What most likely made the balltop come loose is that it wasn’t screwed in all the way. If you don’t use a screwdriver to turn the joystick shaft when installing a ball they will most likely come loose. It could also have had weak threads on the stick itself, I’ve seen a lot of knock offs that have poor threading. If you want to fix that a couple drops of superglue into the balltop hole will help. Even if you remove the ball the glue gets into the threads and makes them have more grip.

How good are these joysticks compared to the TvC versions? Specifically the JLF clone.

So this is a good stick to use for modding?


Hey guys, I just picked up a Brawlstick today as a player 2 stick (TE stick for myself). The buttons feel great, just not as sensitive as sanwa. But I got a real problem with the joystick. Left, right, up, and down work just fine, but all the diagonals are not consistently responsive. Even when I’m riding the corners of the square gate, sometimes I don’t get the diagonal input. It’s mostly a problem with the down-right direction. Do I need to break it in or something?

Unfortunately, it is the Gate itself.
Known issue with the BrawlStick having Gate that prevent Diagonals.

Awe, that sucks. Maybe this is why they put shortcut inputs in SF4, but I still can’t play 3rd strike with this stick :frowning:
I hold down-back, but all I get is back just like the good ol’ arcade days.

Reading around, Need help with my brawlstick
Seems like I could possibly file down the corners. Thinking of other options, could I just replace the square gate with another square gate?

A real Sanwa one, yes.

I had the exact same problem, fixed by swapping on a genuine Sanwa gate I had lying around.

^Sweet, good to know.
And thanks jdm, you must have answered these questions a million times prior.

some-what off-topic: Screw GameStop for labeling a box “NEW” and re-sealing it. The brawlstick had finger prints and an odor of another dude. They sold me a used stick, luckily it was still in very good condition, and I got that $30 deal.

The problem is that Randy Orton is on the stick art.

Get a John Cena one and you’ll never lose another fight again.

Thats not Randy Orton, thats Triple H and The Rock. And the simple fact you mentioned John Cena you should be banned from this thread.

As for the stick, the only main problem is the square gate that doesn’t register diagonals and the buttons. I’ve had my brawlstick since December and my (B) button just now died on me. (Right before I started typing this post, which is why I’m typing this post lol) I’m still waiting on my Sanwa buttons I ordered from lizard lick a month ago. Thats probably why Madcatz made this stick so easy to mod.

The stock gate sucks, but the rest of it is dec.

God I should show you guys my stick. Frankenstick is almost too nice a classification for my stick haha

I just started using sticks this month, got a Q4 as my first, but as I was browsing a local gamestop I saw the brawlstick tucked away in the corner, couldnt pass it up for $30, especially since they are becoming harder to find. I probably wouldn’t have minded it if it was my first stick, but I definitely like the buttons and most definitely like the joystick on my qanba a lot more. Going to mod the brawl stick though.

Just an FYI

Had the Brawlstick for about 1 month, and my jab button crapped out.

That sucks man. Two of mine recently died out. Just ordered some Sanwa buttons from Focus Attack. Thats the place you should go for new parts

I just swapped the L2 button for the broken jab button (square button on the ps3). Stick works great now but who knows for how long.

I’ve used a brawlstick for almost a year now. Pretty much had the same experience that everyone else is saying. The stick lacks the sensitivity that a Sanwa JLF usually brings. Buttons are acceptable, but can be worn down with enough time. I think the only reason why my brawlstick buttons lasted so long is because I played games(and characters) that weren’t as masher friendly as others. Not saying that anyone here is a masher or anything, it’s just I’d like to think I was a little more gentle with it compared to others.

tl, dr - Stock parts don’t last. Give it a Sanwa makeover.