Any KOF players arround Luxembourg? (or Trier/Metz if not...)

Hey there, I am currently looking for some offline sparring partners who could get me into the KOF games (or rather 2D fighting games in general haha). I do play Super Smash Bros. Melee competitively already, but I’m slowly losing interest in it since we don’t have that many Melee players here. Furthermore, there’s no one in my area who wants to pick KOF up with me (oh well, Luxembourg is a rather small country anyway…), so in the end, my only solution right now for practice is GGPO… That’s why I would like some offline practice in other fighting games that I enjoy playing (in my case, KOF).

To sum it all up: Are there any KOF players arround Luxembourg or the neighbouring regions/cities, like f.ex. Metz or Trier? I don’t mind playing other fighting games like SF, 3rd Strike or CvS, but I’m really aiming for KOF at the moment.

Hope for some answers. Peace!:smiley:

PS: I know there’s already another thread concerning Luxembourg, but since that one’s inactive I just decided to open up a new thread ^^’

I’m in Luxembourg from time to time, but there doesn’t seem to be a real fighting game community there ^^’’

Mostly I’m around Rollingen but as you said, Luxembourg is a small country :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t play anything competitively though (a little bit of UMvC3, but on low level) and recently started playing KOF13 more :).

Oh that’s good to hear, I never thought that someone would actually reply to my post haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm… how do you mean it “from time to time”? Are you attending a university in a foreign country ot smth. like that? I actually live pretty close to the city myself (Bertrange), so I think it shouldn’t be a problem to arrange a meeting sometime :wink:

Well I’ll have to dissapoint you a bit, I don’t really like MvC lool, but I guess I can play it from time to time. I do know someone who’s been trying to get into it however, so maybe I can convince him to pick it up again. Oh and I’ll be getting KOF13 too as soon as I can afford it :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, like you said, the FG community in Luxembourg is pretty much nonexistant (well except the Smash community if you want to call that a FG, which is rather small, but steadily growing), even the mainstream stuff like SF4 isn’t played here lol.

…At least there’s GGPO which kinda makes up for it I guess ^^"

Let’s say I visit Luxembourg pretty often since family lives there :slight_smile: but I attend college in Belgium.

I’m really open to any fighting games: used to play alot of KOF98/SF3S on GGPO before it stopped working (haven’t tried lately), Blazblue, MVC3, SSF4, … you name it. Except Smash Bros, I rarely play that :P.

Next time I’m in Luxembourg (should be next week or week after) I’ll hit you up with a PM see if we can meet up or something for some casual matches :slight_smile: (Got a 360? I’d bring KOF ^^).

Damn, that’s a large roster lol. I’m not really that much of a fighting game veteran, although I’ve been enjoying the SNK titles ever since I bought the SNK Arcade Classics for my Wii :P. So yeah, I got into fighting games pretty late I guess ^^"
Ah it’s good that you have some KOF98 experience, that’s exactly the game I’m into right now. I could use some offline practice :smiley:
SF3S is another game I like to watch, by far my favourite SF game even though I don’t really play SF myself. I wouldn’t mind playing some :smiley:

Alright then, just hit me up when you’re available and feel like playing. (and yes I own a 360 :P)