Any Las Vegas modder, or attending EVO?


I need to mod my stick with a ps360+ because I couldn’t find anybody to do it in my country. Is there any chance I can find anyone I can pay for the PCB, services and the worries to do it at EVO or during Friday morning in Vegas? My pools are at 4pm, so there’s plenty of time.


A team will be there at the Madcatz booth over the weekend.

Get there 8am when the doors open if you want guaranteed finished work in time. They get hammered and queue fills very fast on the first day.

Are you the guy that emailed me?

Yup! I tried all channels :smiley:

any of you doing XB1 mod to a GGXrd TE2 and how much for that ? need to know if I bring that stick or not since can only bring one stick on my trip to EVO

Yes, $140

cool, gonna bring the Xrd stick then hope I’m on time at friday to get you the stick

How much to quad mod my hori fs3 plus kaimana? :wink:

You already have clear buttons? Looking like 320 plus the buttons

How much for me to get dual mod, and potentially add silent buttons to my hitbox?

Sorry vicko, it wasn’t a real request. I’m actually surprised anyone would be willing to even consider tackling that nightmare

Pretty standard stuff anyway

Dual mod for what?
You can get pads for your current buttons, not sure on price

What I told you on the email, I currently have a PC/PS3 one and I wanted to mod it into PC/PS3/X360 with ps360+