Any legit work from home gigs?


I remember there being a thread about it a long time ago but didn’t think it made sense to revive it. I’m basically asking because I’m about to have a kid and we’ve decided that her working really just doesn’t make sense since I work nights and she works days/evenings. We can probably do fine on just my income but it sure would be nice if we had some extra on the side too.

A lot of those things are scams but I was hoping there might be SOMETHING out there that she could do from home.


Legit work from home gigs are basically legit jobs through companies that offer that kind of flexibility to their employees. If its some pre packaged work from home thing you heard about on the radio or some kind of ad then its not legit.


breast milk, webcam, profit?


forgot about that one!


Oh yeah, camgirl is definitely a lucrative business.


Day trading. Learn how to scalp.


I don’t think cam girl is quite the career she’s looking for…


a lot of IT jobs have work at home offers. My company does it, but I would have to renovate a huge chunk of my house, and that ain’t happening any time soon


Or be a man-hoe for older women, and conduct…“dates” at your home. Your working name could be “Kinky McShagnasty”.


Let her set-up an at home massage parlor via craiglist. :tup:



i run my business from my home


Hey, I didn’t say to make it a career, just a little extra scratch on the side. There’s some grimey dudes that like to see lactation, that’s all I’m saiyan.


Assassin for hire: Flexible hours, plenty of travel, and you’re your own boss. Best of all, as long as there are people on this planet, YOU’VE GOT A JOB!!! :tup: Can’t beat it.

…Seriously though, I know I spent many years looking at one work-at-home deal after another. So far, I haven’t seen so much as ONE that didn’t end as pryamid scheme, some bullshit where you’ll work long hours for the equivalent of a few dollars per hour, or a straight out scam to steal money that you already don’t have to spare. I hope you will have better luck than I did, as I luckily no longer need work of any kind. I’m thinking your best chances are to invest in your own talents and try to make money that way. Good luck.



Why not start a home daycare, but only if your wife can handle it.


Call it Pedocare Neverland


I used to do this to pay the bills, I posted this in another forum originally so I’ll just quote it here. If you have any questions just hit me up.

Sort of a long post so I spoilered it:



I really do not know how easy it is to get into but medical billing and coding can be done at home. This girl I knew was making 21 bucks an hour doing it ( in California). She also helped me not pay some hospital bills through loop holes.


Yeah but he’d have to go through a lot of loops getting the hits to come to his house.


you can easily go to a trade school to learn billing should have it done in less than a year.


Well i mean getting into a work at home gig. Coding and billing doesn’t require much school, just a certificate I believe.