Any MAME MArquees Advice?

I went to kinkos about 6 times and spent about 20 bucks and i still don’t like the way any of my art is coming out. I decided to spend the extra money and go for a professional print. After seeing Lukkiud’s ( or however you spell it) final product Ive decided to go with Mame marquees. i’m not a retard or anything but i want to make sure i get everything right since i’m gonna spend about $40 bucks on it. so what are some suggestions? and what size is my Art? Its for the SFIV SE Stick. Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming it’s a Photoshop file, keep it in RGB mode. RGB has a wider color gamut than CMYK; i.e it’ll look more like what’s on screen. AFAIK Kinko’s only supports CMYK.

Also, check out this.

Yo that looks amazing, thanks for the tips, any tips on Size for Mame Marquees? They ask me File size and im not sure what to put?

Right click on the file and choose “properties”, it should tell you the file size.

Thank you. Very Much appreciated. Is There a way i can print it in the exact dimensions of my metal plate so i dont have to cut the sides?

Sent this in about 2 weeks ago. Delayed a week because of DPI issues. Should be ready by next week hopefully. My HRAP Ex is gonna be so fresh and so clean.

Looks Sweet, Does it Really Take that Long? lol Im gonna have an arcade stick with no art for a while…lol

If you’re going with the Customer Designed Control Panel, keep your art within 10x16 to get the lowest cost (was 10x17 when I did mine, but they recently changed it)… the art should fit well within that dimension.

Don’t include button/panel cutouts in the art… you’ll avoid misaligned buttons, etc. Use the metal panel as your guide for cutting.

If you don’t have any, buy a set of good hobby knives. You don’t want to try cutting this with a used x-acto.

Don’t screw the faceplate on too hard. I made this mistake and have air pockets around the screws now.

If you’re waiting on parts, wait until you receive them and then swap the art / mod the stick in one shot.

Thanks Dude, Thats what i looking to read.

“We have had a couple concerned customers lately with how long it takes to recieve an item. It takes roughly 5-7 days to print, laminate, pack and ship your item, plus the chosen shipping time. Some countries such as Australia are now inspecting 100% of imported items and it is taking 10-15 days to go through customs. And Canada is always a crapshoot… Please plan accordingly.”


Can’t wait. I am ready to cut that shit out and over that smudge magnet piano finish.

Goddamnit is it just me or does it look better with the picture added on the right? FUCK! Iono maybe the buttons would overlap the picture on the right, something I was trying to avoid. As they would say in my parent’s homeland, “Du ma.”

That last one looks better but i do think the buttons will overlap it anyway.

What you sent in is better imo… less is more. 3 Don Corleones is too much for an arcade stick to handle. Your original with clear red Seimitsus would be killer.

Thanks man I was going for the clean look, but I like the looks of the colored photo on the right but whatever it would’ve been overlapped by buttons anyway. They just shipped it out today!:rock: I hope it doesn’t come out all pixelized and I hope I don’t flurk up the cutting or placement jesus I am fuckin nervous. Perhaps if I do this baked… hmmm

Just got tracking # today YES!:rock::rock::rock: What month is it? I think it’s Rocktober.