Any "man" who chooses a white woman over a black woman, ain't a man at all

Check this out and learn some shit, real talk homey.

i like this thread

Hmmm. Think I’ll just get me a seat.

White women? This is SRK, we send pretty Asian boys to Japan for free.

This is Srk.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Why can’t I like both?

I’m sorry guys, but white women >>> black women no matter how you look at it.
It’s like a 8-2 matchup


Don’t even get me started on asian “women”(and I use the term women loosely).

To further illustrate my illustrious point, I got some vids for yall. Now this right here, is the black woman at her finest. Peep this:
Goddayam, look at that. Now right here, this is a white woman:
Sad shit knowing how many bruthas would actually choose that nasty shit over a fine ass sista.

Nini Heart: One look at your avatar and I could tell you liked white girls. It’s ok son, God didn’t give every dude an adult sized dick, guess you learned to deal with it by liking girls with no ass. Have fun being a cuckold.

Lock this shit please

How about you take yo sellout ass back TO lockup? Because only niggas obsessin with white girls is lil bitch made prison niggas like yourself. Stop hatin cuz some of us like real women, and not on some fake ass bullshit.

Whatchu kno bout dem indian girls son?

People ain’t even trying anymore.