Any megaman videos anyone?

ya man i really am trying to run with megaman in this game on point lol and it be helpful if i saw some decent to good players with him i dont care if its you or someone else but any megaman videos? and what are some of the names of well known megamans out there? thanks in advance you guys :slight_smile: megaman is so top teir:rofl:

you got balls my friend spider man :rofl: no one ever plays him lol look up filbert right?

you aint played me yet son calm down with all that :lol:

ill show you shit that make your mama say “woo woo woo” :lol: what you know bout that?

haha i will talk to you about this in another theard :rofl:

@filbert nice megman but the magneto you were fighting could have been better. anyway that comeback was sexy and funny as hell :rofl:

thanx. i try to do what i can with that team:bgrin: oh yea i forgot to put where to get da videos.

ya bro you did very well vs the msp team but that some guy msop could have been better he is probably better now lol but good stuff with mm. your spider man aint half bad either :slight_smile:

Nov. 1st! my friend told me theres gonna be a tourney near were we live. gonna try to get some good footage of his msp & mss also of my low tier team. whoever we go up against we’re gonna fuck um up ahahahaha!:woot:

I can’t wait to see those matches. I love watching your Rockman :slight_smile:

Check out “preppy” of “that one megaman guy” on youtube.

(Team) Preppy

That One Megaman Guy

There’s a nice couple matches with Steve at the end of this one:

  • [media=youtube]PrZhWdGtsaQ&feature=sdig&et=1236519474.95[/media]

good shit homeis

My sister randomly taped me playing Megaman/Hulk/Ryu on some scrub at James Games:


It’s pretty straightforward and not that flashy, but it’s good for tactics and such.

Mega Man kicks ass

hey i aprciate any mm vids bro.

I put up this old Jake vs Ranma video:

  • [media=youtube]qCp5bxgoYSg[/media]
    I’ll put up another one of the throw reset into Tron cruelness when I get a chance.

Note that these vids are already on my site - I’m just trying to showcase a couple more this way. :slight_smile:

I play with Megaman

Hi! everybody! I’m a new member! Nice to meet you! Well I’d like to tell you that I’ve played with Megaman since I saw him in MVC1! Now Megaman is my best character that I have in MVC2! So I think that he is a good opcion to play, But it needs much time! If you have a little time, you can watch one of my videos on

thanks for your attention and see you soon! Greetings !

haaa I liked Ranma’s video a lot! Thanks Preppy!

even though my thread is mad old im loving the material you guys are giving keep it up

I’ve started using Megaman proj/Cable aa/Sentinel ground or Tron proj. Also random Megaman/XX/Commando teams. Haven’t really figured out who to stick in the second slot yet. I find him fun to use. Playing on XBL has made me realize how horrible I am at this game trying to use top tier teams like Clockwork, Watts and even Illan.:wasted:

Is Hyper Megaman DHC’able into Hyper Sentinel Force, after a basic launch, air combo? I wasn’t able to do it in training mode.

Should be, you’d just need to time it right - but I don’t use MM/Sent, so haven’t tried it. Hyper Megaman DHC into Hyper Viper Beam works fine, as does HMM DHC into Sakura’s diagonal fireball super, etc - so you can clearly hit them in continuation until they hit the ground.