Any Melee advice

I plan on entering more tournaments for Melee. I do have a few questions though, Any advice? What is the most reccomended controller to use?, Should I pick Marth or Dr. Mario as my main?

Use whatever controller you normally use an if you have 2 characters who you are about equally good with then just play whatever character you think does better in the match up, also it might be better to go to the smashboards website since thats where you would get the best info on anything smash related and also good luck!

You’re best off looking for info at They’re full of tournament level Smash players.

DO NOT USE ANY CONTROLLER! Only use 1st party controller (official nintendo controller), 3rd parties one are generally sh*tty and they will break quite easily. Also, if they have macro option, they are banned.

For your main, Marth is better, but if you prefer Dr. Mario, play him instead, and like the 2 before me said, smashboards is the reference for competitive smash.