Any methods for dealing with Sagat's cr.Fierce



Any methods for dealing Sagat’s fierce with RYU besides roll cancel?


rc red fireball :confused:


read the countering whiffed pokes thread, it’s in general strategy i believe, and probably on the first or second page.


I dont think he’s talking about punishing wiffed fierces…


I’m not but I will also look at the whiff thread. I’m talking about how do I deal with sagat’s fierce when it has such priority. What do you do when you block a cr. fierce deep?


block another one :lol: or psychic dragon! … and then eat another one when your pyschic dragon hits air :bluu:


That is fuck up but true any other advice to keep Sagat at bay


If Sagat is cr.fiercing u on wake up, in theory u should be dragoning him… but in normal circumstances the best option is to throw out your own pokes to keep out of range of the cr.fierce.

Use Ryu’s st.fierce and cr.fwd… this might keep Sagat at bay depending on their skill. Just try to work out a way to score a knockdown (dragon, cr.rh) and then stay close so that u can poke/throw mixups. Against Sagat tho, IMO this matchup is totally dependant upon how good the Sagat player is.


Ryu’s s.fierce and foward+fierce stuffs Sagat’s c.fierce. Block one fierce and if he does another one, the next time uppercut it.


Ur fb’s are farther than his c. fierce. zone him with close up fireballs, and once u get close to him, start using chains that start with c. short…remember kids c. short >>> c. fierce cause its faster…just get in there within c. short range…i suggest whiffing short hurricanes, then jab srk’s to make him more passive. i also recommend dancing outside his c. fierce range, then dash in and start ur offense off of a c. short. dashing in is not punished because its such a fcuked up offense…lol trust me it works.



Yep… i wish I was psychic enough to dragon punch his FPs all the time… nevermind the fact that if I miss he gets a cr FP/cr MK, lvl2 tigerraid XX fp DP plus a knockdown. Yep that doesn’t hurt or anything.

Anyone who says… to beat a poke out to DP… is an idiot. Everyone with half a brain knows that DPs beat out pokes… but anyone who has played the game knows just walking around and DPing will get you killed fast unless you are psychic.

So how about giving some useful strategy instead of bullshit? I think this is 31412343124 thread I’ve seen someone say to beat Sagat/Blanka/Cammy 's FPs just DP them… you guys need to learn to play the game.


I dun like RC fireball with ryu. If you do it at the wrong range, sagat punch you in the face in your recoervy…


yeah there really is no way to beat sagat or blanka with ryu. He just gets fucked up bad, and that’s not even exaggerating. Just try to get in on them


Hmmm, perhaps you did not read my post well enough… :confused:


I’m gonna win evl2k4 with this tactic. If they try to poke me they’ll get hit by my next dp. If they fb i’ll go through it. If they block they get chipped. If they roll I just keep dp’ing the other way this time. There’s no defense against it.


I don’t like to runaway from opponents, but when I am against a Sagat I “fly a lot.” If they get mad because I "fly (with air hurricane kick), I just jump on them like a cat.

TO get away from Sagat’s High punch I usually do the following;

When the match starts I go to my corner and I usually wait for Sagat to jump and when he is just landing I jump. There is no way he is punishing me! Either he blocks or gets fucked up by Ryu’s combo. When I face one of those Sagat that just wants to rape you with the High punch I just roll and do RC hurrican kick. I also agree that all depends in how good the Sagat player is. I also like to do Standing High punch with Ryu. You won’t always punish sagat with that, since Sagat’s has more priority, but I would rather do that than get High punched to death.

Just my opinion.

Ryu vs Blanka hahaha there is no way Blanka can kill Ryu that easy! All depends on how good blanka is and vice versa.



Two questions for you:

  1. What happens to your strategy if Sagat doesn’t jump?

  2. Have you ever played with Ryu against Blanka? Have you ever been slightly annoyed when you lost without doing a pixel of damage and all he did was RC ball all day?


Ryumexicano, i have a question…

1- lets say Sagat does jump (for some reason) and then I jump “when he is just landing”. At this point my Ryu is going to expect to eat a deep tiger uppercut… how does yours avoid this?


Is not like a bird came and told me! I have done it and it works! If you Sagat jumps with a kick or whatever when is just about to land you can just safetly! Of course that depends on the distance, that I didn’t mention, my bad. But if you are too close of course you are eating that huge damage upper cut of his! But you can jump with no worries when Sagat jumps first (must me kind of a long distance). IF you have any doubt, you should try it!