Any modder that could make my TvS stick run on Switch?


Basically if I gave you a joycon to gut, could you make the TvS stick Switch compatible? I read about a guy on Reddit that apparently did it.


Link pls


To what, the Reddit guy? It was literally just a post of him saying he did it. He didn’t detail how.


It should be very possible; the theory wouldn’t really be all that different from a regular padhack.
The only semi-tricky part is wiring up a standard digital joystick to the analog inputs on the Joycon.
And figuring out a decent way to charge the thing,


As I am not an internet telepath, and Reddit is a large place…YES, I’d like a link to this person’s posted modding claims.

Also, how has no one in that sub questioned the claim, or even asked for details (like yourself for one)?


Sigh. Ok, gimme a bit to try and find it. And I don’t have a Reddit. But I thought about making one to ask him if he could rig mine up. Anyway lemme find it.

EDIT: oh hey I actually found it. It’s the whole little section from “IceyAthene”:


If the Switch already thought it was a joycon, couldn’t the Switch just be told to charge it like a pair of joycon in the charge adapter?


Personally id wait it out untill hori release their wired switch stick/controller. If the controller is reasonably priced ((30€ According to the leaked slide) it will probably be a better option for a padhack. Maybe brook will implement switch functionality in the ufb, or otherwise release a switch compatible board.


Thanks for sharing the link. Please note that this guy/gal has never claimed to have completed this. In fact he/she has specifically stated to still need to get a joycon to dismantle to begin incorporating into their existing Sanwa equipped shell.

@Dubon is 100% correct here. I say wait for the wired controllers to hit the market. Wireless sticks are rife with input lag. Recent reports from Switch owners of joycon connection loss makes this even more of a lackluster scenario.


Yes, but how would you mount your stick (with the Joycon PCB gutted out and in the casing) onto the Joycon charge adapter?


Can’t you charge off of a regular USB c cable? Just have it come out the enclosure somewhere.
*Disclaimer I don’t have a switch or the desire to own one.


The Joycons don’t have any USB-C jacks. They connect/charge via some pins in the slide. You’d have to map that pinout, and connect it to a USB jack on the casing.
It’s probably not hard, but still, it’s additional work and something to consider.


I went back and looked this up. Didn’t realize the charger grip was what has the USB c port. Yea looks like a pita to figure that out.


Ive read that the joycon inputs aren’t your standard fare of being held high waiting to be shorted to ground to register a button press. If this is true then using it in a dual mod would be difficult. With that in mind, if you wanted to just turn your tvc stick into a dedicated switch stick then it would be more doable.

Recharging the battery should just be a matter of running the 5v and ground from a usb cable to the joycon pcb.

The only thing I see being an issue is scaling it for two or more players. Not sure if the 2d fighters allow two same sided joycon to sync to play 2 player.

I’d be willing to give this a try, but I do believe the pro pad is most likely a better choice and eventually hori’s pad when it comes out to be the best option.


I just beat zelda: botw so now I don’t really care if I sacrifice one of my joycons to mod with. I pretty much got it all figured out. Just a matter of wiring every thing up. Atm it’s definitely a switch only setup as a dual mod would require much more effort.


I though the Joycon charges via induction

The optional Charge grip for the Joycons does take USB C.


I thought so too until I saw Ben Heck’s teardown. There’s a few pins/contacts hidden on the underside of the slide rail.

That it does.
But that fact doesn’t really help in padhacking a Joycon, unless you’re hinting at “padhacking” a charging Joycon grip to include into the stick casing in order to get a USB-C on it?


I too thought the same until I started looking more into the joycon and noticed the pins.

There is a 5v pin in the connector that is used to power and recharge the joycon. So I’ll be using a usb cable with just it’s gnd and 5v wires hooked up to the joycon so it can recharge.

I’ve also decided to padhack the right joycon since that one has the home button.

I have the pinout done I just need to build the circuit for controlling the analog stick using a jlf. Also the solder points for the joycons are rediculous tiny. I would not recommend inexperienced people trying to padhack them.

I haven’t looked at the pro pad but it’s looking more and more promising. It’s probably easier to solder to and wouldn’t have the issue of having to go into the systems controller configuration menu to set the joycon pad to an individual player controller.


Plus, I’m sure an existing D-pad makes things a whole lot simpler too.


Got a right joycon padhack finished and installed. Even kept rumble and amiibo reader functions in the stick.