Any mom and pops stores around Seattle selling ssf4 earlier?

i see hella people playing it on my friends list. wanna have it in time for the weekend. anyone got any connects or know of any stores selling ssf4 early?

I’ve been looking for it as well. Don’t know if I should just call places? Or just show up and ask?

I believe people who have modded their xbox are able to play it. I dont know that ppl are selling the game early

He He

^you’ll need the biggest head start you can get
He He

You could stop being one of the biggest jackass’s in NW at anytime and stop talking shit to me like we are koo like that. It would be much appreciated. Its sad when LOSERS IN LIFE, finally find some MEAGER success in something and dont know how to handle it.

Wow can you take a joke for once Jetay and stop taking everything on the forums so seriously? It’s also funny that you want him to stop “talking shit” to you like you guys are cool like that, yet you go and talk some shit right back at him…

Two-way street Jetay. Two-way Street.

Back on topic, as of today, nowhere in Seattle is selling it early. Thanks to Jetay and Taijiri for looking out for a few heads in Seattle.

Keep the bullshit to a minimum please.

Two way street my ass. That clown has been steadily talking shit to me from jump street about SSF4. Shit aint no joke. He always be talking down to people. But fuck it, Im not getting into Seattle NEVER ENDING WELL OF DRAMA. Only thing yall cats can unite for ever is to start united drama.

We should put that on the back of the northwest shirts - “United in drama we stand”.

Jesus Christ…pls use PMs. Because I’m sure when people see this bumped, their hopes go up. Like mine just did.

It seems like Seattle did a pretty good job of uniting to go down to support bragging rights. Way to show love to all the guys that drove down to support your event. Also, extra classy for attacking Carlos outside the game just because he is a competitive guy.


I’m also looking for something like this, but in Oly. I might drive around looking for a fucking bodega and get the knockoff version with the photocopier artwork and jewel case. lol

This made me laugh. Put me down for 1 med. shirt plz.

I have success in everything I do…It’s always just a matter of time.

YJDK->seriously don’t go making stupid personal attacking statements you really know nothing about…it just reflects upon you

edit: (wait…did you miss the he he part earlier?)

edit again: I talk shit to just about everybody Jetay…you are NOT special in that regard…the only person I talk shit to WITHOUT a joking smile on my face is Chris Masters…FCML

again (sorry for bumping this again itwasfunny I felt the same way until I read this so called “drama”)

yey SRK…gj