Any More Soul Calibur 2 People around to exchange ideas and opinions?

Im interested in peoples opinions and self ability at the game

Hey there. I’m a SC2 player, but I don’t think you will find many others here…:o

Well I guess Your the only one I can exchange tips and ideas with, of course that is if ya dont mind?

I play SC2 also. My main is X, but I also play Ivy pretty solid.

Wow, just look up the old thread.

i used to play soul calibur 2, but i stopped since i stopped caring about the game. I have a real solid game, i play mainly cassandra… but theres a few good players around in my arcade too. this xctu guy has a solid xianghua, theres this bullet head guy with a good talim. and theres this guy that alot of people seems to despise who plays Ivy, theres this guy with a good mitsurugi, and ofcourse as already stated i play cassandra.

all i can say is work on sidesteps, setups/mixups, wake up games, and parrying.

i remember someone saying… “A beats sidesteps, B beats A, Sidestep beat B”

Do any of you have an effective lock down stradagy with Nightmare? Mine could be better but I need other point of views.
So far no one around here has been able to take on my Ivy. I can honestly remember me losing one time with her nad that was when i first picked her up.

3B that shit.

Uhm, seriously, Nighty can’t really lock some characters down. 1K frame traps are nice, but you’ll generally see Nighty players being more defensive. 66K is great up close, though, but I wouldn’t say it’s great for “lockdown”.

alright the langugae limbo i dont get yet, do ya mind explaning to me what 66k and B and the other stuff means. Im more of a just Kill type of guy with the moves I put together, exp- the stomp on your feet.

Uhm, the stomp sucks ass. The unblockable one is decent, but only if you train them enough.

And honestly, I can’t really help you if you don’t know notations. I guess you could just check out and download tieTYT or DTN vids. Only vids you need, really.

Ok, lemme’ break it down for you. Just think of a keyboard. Basically the directions are 1 is downback, 2 is down, 3 is down forward, 4 is back, 5 is neutral, 6 is forward etc. So for example the commands for nighty’s stomp would be 236k(QCF). Dashing would be 66 and then usually there is a command you can do with dash, for example nighty’s big overhead slash known as rook splitter(which sucks by the way) would be 66B.

Thats the best I can explain things so I hope you understand.

The charge stomp does not suck ass. If you continue it after a first super stomp you will connect a second. People send top just stare at his boot glowing untill it smashes down on them.

SykeBornSin, read what Zig had to say once again.

Charged = Unblockable

I think you are training them to eat the Unblockable, but using it for okizame is a waste. Just cuz you can 236[K] and the opponent’s eating it, doesn’t mean you should follow with the 2K afterwards, because there are much better options for a grounded opponent…like 3B…

First off, English is your friend.

Second, anything short of the unblockable sucks, 'cause it does ass damage, has ass recovery, and is linear like woah.

Best damage after charged stomp is 2A+B (d+A+B). Doing another stomp is dumb 'cause they can just tech to the side and hit you for free.

Even the unblockable stomp isn’t that great 'cause you have safer alternatives and it’s way too dependant on conditioning to be a bread-and-butter strat.

I’ve played way better Nightmares then you, so please stfu.

Ok for one The chrage Stomp Does NOT Suck ass, Once the first Charge lands you cannot avoid the second one when your barely falling to the ground after the first. Then after the second connects only can your opponet tech to the side. I know what Im saying about this, That stomp has done me good against damn good players.

Hilarious How you say you have beaten better nightmares then me…hmm tell me exactly how the fuck that makes sense anyway.
You seem to be so sure of yourself. Judge on actually game play and stfu!

Not only is it not guaranteed, you can get MORE damage by just about any other followup. Oh snap I win!!!

Please dont get offended by this, but I dont think you should be telling people how to play the game considering you didnt even know the basic SC lingo that every SC2 player should know. You cant argue with someone who has as much experience as Zig. I’ve tried in the old thread and I ended up looking stupid.:o My bad zig.:lol: Anyways I didnt mean to be so honest, but yeah your looking really dumb right now. Sorry.:rolleyes:

Here is the point. I dont really give a damn if I know the proper limbo, I know how I play works for me, so pretty much yes you offend me with your comment. You can know all the wording to the game but that still does not mean your good untill you show.
Besides we cant all be as good as Zig, LMAO the almighty soul calibur god who cough bullshitcough beat the best Texas players.