Any new and revolutionary joystick designs lately?


I was wondering if there were still some industrious stick makers out there, using new materials, design shapes, or whatnot…

The “I love my custom stick” thread really doesn’t fulfill this role, since it’s really full of the same wooden rectangular box, Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, etc., with some PS’ed art slapped on.

I remember Fjord had a really cool flip-top, open-box design idea that he unfortunately nixed…

…Any new creative designs out there?


yeah here’s one


Ha, link to a pic on another site that was taken from this site in the “I love my custom…” thread.


tupperware for 09 :rolleyes:

imo, big pockets might be the only builder that thinks outside the box.

most people dont feel that its necessary to re-invent the wheel.


im making a case out of legos if that counts for anything…


Don’t drop it or else you’re gonna be Lego’in :rofl:


its just roughly built right now. but its built so it looks like a huge lego block and it sits on its side(so the little circle things are all to one side) i plan on epoxying it together once i find out some more info on how its going to be…


that sounds pretty slick james… post some pics :slight_smile:


once i get my camera and some parts. its really just a block of legos right now… :rofl:


It’d be pretty sweet if you could epoxy it in two separate pieces, so the top can be lifted off by separating the legos.


Thought of making a Lego stick too, but I couldn’t find enough logo blocks to make it lol


i have a shitload from when i was a little kid… id say theres 2 or 3 boxes full…


Same here lol, but my mom sold all of mine in a Garage Sale few years back while I was asleep :crybaby:


Haha. I plan on making a Lego case too. I’ll post pictures later when my parts come in. Can’t wait to see yours.


would you have stopped her? lol


i’m using new materials for my next-next design. that’s all i’m going to say though :badboy:


I never miss a chance to talk about the amazing custom stick I just received in the mail the other day: [media=youtube]rcZj9xQx2h0[/media]

I guess using a poker chip case as a stick isn’t new and revolutionary, but it certainly is handy. The real innovation is how he wired up the start, back, and guide buttons to tiny switches and attached them to screws. I’m sure there’s a better technical explanation out there, but the end result is that those buttons are almost indistinguishable from the regular screws on the side of the case, making the stick really streamlined and sexy, without anything visible except six buttons and the joystick.

edit: Ooh, this one is fantastic! - Who would have thought of running wires through the VMU port to avoid having to drill? Genius! :rofl:


I’m making some new sticks too…

Hopefully will show it soon.


In a heart beat


If I had the tools, I have a design in mind… but it’s not something that only my Dremel can do.