Any New Feature ideas for the next Blazblue?


With two retailed updates for Blazblue CS already released, do you think that its about time ARC System Works releases a sequel to CS? And if so, what modes, characters and balancing systems needs to be put in this sequel? Characters like Jubei, Torakaka, Kokonoe (Who could be in a mecha suit) and so forth, modes like fixed requirements and character handicap challenges like in Guilty Gear XX, minigames like in GG Dust Strikers, custom colour palletes like in KOF XIII, and balancing to punish certain in battle strategies which you would expect from a noob, a negative handicap to beginner mode online, and a parry system like in Street Fighter 3, lets see what you think, and what you would expect in the sequel!


I think ASW needs to make BB look fresh again. It’s true that major changes have been implemented on CS2 and even on EX, but it’s starting to feel “not new”.

Not only the game needs a couple of new characters - the current roster needs new moves, new attack properties, new and different combos. As a jin player i’ve been doing those 5B, 5C, sekkajin, etc etc etc in the last 2 years. It’s starting to be less motivating, especially now as the game starts become farther and farther from the mainstream and there aren’t really new players. It’s pretty rare finding someone i don’t ever played (at least here in EU). I join a player match lobby and i find 3 ou 4 people on my friend list - happens a lot.

Anyway, there’s a thread like this on DL with tons of words, but for me, the game needs:

  • CT netcode (playing agains’t japanese/americans in a lagless environment was possible back then)
  • CT ranked match mode (with all those player lists)
  • enabling host migration on player matches
  • new HUD
  • new moves and true innovation in combos
  • no disc-locked dlc

I guess this should do it…


I hate this assertion. They haven’t “nerfed” the netcode somehow. Honest. They haven’t. They probably haven’t even changed it very much.

Can’t you do this now in extend?

Is this just some sort of ‘warning rider’ or something? Because they’ve never done this…


Also, WTF? Yes, let’s PUNISH new players! That’s a GREAT idea! Sure to grow the franchise!

And I know you’re probably talking about ‘scrubby’ tactics, and you know what? No. That’s how you get a watered down SF4 style game.

You mean BESIDES predictable combos that might not work well as blockstrings, no bursts, no rapid cancels, no counter assaults, and barrier guard only? :stuck_out_tongue: It makes me shake my head everytime someone suggests something like this. You’re not special for playing in technical. If someone is beating you using beginner/stylish mode, it’s YOUR fault, not the game’s for not penalizing them enough.

I would quit. That is all.


Well netcode is obviously worse on CS - CS2 - CSEX. Why? I used to play without lag against americans and japanese (like i said in the previous post). I can’t possibly do that now and sometimes playing agains’t other EU fellows is almost impossible.

As for ranked match - no, they didn’t do it. Ranked from CT lists a number of opponents and you choose who you’ll face, on EX you do have some decent filters, but you play agains’t a random player - no choice involved.

And last but not least, yes, that was a “warning”. I hope ASW delivers a fully fledged game with all the main contents unlocked or unlockable in-game (like mu12 on Cs1). Alternate suits or voice dlc could be dlc based - no complaints about that. But after buying EX and having bought the 3 dlc chars on Cs1, i’m just not in the mood of being another milking victim.


There are other factors involved there. Have you tried playing against anyone in CT lately? Probably not.

Simple logic would tend to point to “Why would they change something to make it worse?”

This feature IS there in extend. It’s called something stupid like “Custom Search” but it gives you a list of opponents and lets you pick. It’s just not the default (which it shouldn’t be, incidentally.)



Dude i sold my CT copy a looooong while ago. And YES for the 3rd time, CT’s netcode IS superior. I know it’s really dumb, but that’s the truth. I used to play agains’t a guy (shinigami-XIII i guess) from canada with a lv2 connection. Now i get lv0 and i’m lucky if the intro takes less than a minute to run. It could be my connection which is failing? Yes, it could be possible. But that’s not the case because it’s substancially better than before… But seriously, do you really think CS netcode is the same as CT one?

Then i have failed badly on this topic… Oh well


I didn’t play CT, but I hear WAY too many people posting stupid **** like “The netcode in the japanese version of this game is soooo much better! Why did you change it for America, CompanyX?” to give any credence to people’s impressions of how good the netcode is in a game when simple logic indicates that there’s no reason it should have gotten worse.


bb is a story driven fg, im pretty sure that for the next installment of bb, we would see many changes in the roster, and perhaps on the mechanics on the game, we can expect that at least ragna, jin, noel and tsubaki to have different drives

what is different is that we have less players to choose when playing online, the netcode its pretty much the same, i have the same quality connection against other players when i face them online, either ct, cs or csex
i still have all the version of bb, i tested it extensively just to prove how dumb is that assertion

they never had disk locked dlc, and im pretty sure that they will never have

what the fuck is this shit???


I’d like to vote for “No new game-wide systems”; If they must, they can change up a system or two - replace the guard primer system with some other guard crush mechanic or something, but I really don’t think the game will benefit from additional ‘generic’ (i.e. “shared across all characters”) sytems or actions. Let’s NOT add FRCs, or parries, or super upside down cancels, or autocombos, or any sort of gimmicky or even non-gimmicky additional mechanic.

Focus on new story, with the character additions and updates that that will bring with it and build the game from there. This is going to mean new moves, maybe complete character rebuilds of a couple of folks. Not sure what the smartest way to approach the characters who should be ‘removed’ is (mostly, as far as I can figure, this would be Mu only, but it might also mean Noel.) so they’ll have some figuring to do there. Mix things up a little bit by trying to identify some interesting new things to give the existing cast (WTB: A Tsubaki distortion that turns 50 heat into 3 stocks.). Obviously, there will need to be new characters. Then work on cleaning things up. Spend some time with those hitboxes. and FFS, loktest the living crap out of it and LISTEN to your players. Heck, INVITE some top players to put in time with it, ASAP. Get Buppa and Kaqn and Konan and Satoshi and whoever in there and playing the game. There’s no excuse for having a Q tier or an S tier at this point. (and I’m sorry, Extend still has this, regardless of what the lists say - when Tsubaki can spend 2 stocks and 50 heat to get 5k off an overhead and Ragna gets 4.5k for FREE and regains health while he does it, there is a PROBLEM.)

So. tldr:

New Characters/Redesigned characters as appropriate for the story.
Some new tricks for the existing cast
No new system gimmicks
Balance, Polish, Blance, Polish, Balance and more Polish.

I don’t want them to pull an SF3 with this game.


I have vision how Mu is gonna become a like super-mode for Noel, if she can control it or not will be up to Arc (evil persona?). As for Bolverk’s absence I think Kokonoe will make her some sort of imitation which will suffice. With Jin, if he’ll use Yukianesa anymore or not will be somehow tied to Jubei. Having no Frostbite would be kinda weird so I suppose Jubei will train him to control Yukianesa better or something. Other character changes: Tsubaki’s main color will be black, a new distortion/something for Bang and his Nox, Ragna’s drive maybe changed a little (for example Soul Eater won’t steal life anymore but instead builds up his Blood Kain meter like Arakune etc.), Jubei & Kokonoe (?) & Phantom (?) & Tenjo’s Son (?) & Saya (?) playable, new distortions for “Limited” cast, Carl’s Astral’s range widened.

For system I’d personally want them to bring back Guard Libra or at least have the option to use it instead of Primers :^


Idea: Story that isn’t way too long and bloated.

Also, looking at concept art talk for hours on end? NOT FUN!


make it more like Dynasty Warriors


guard libra was dumb bro, the ct devolved into those who were able to rape you and break your guard and those who werent able to do a damn about it
primers are a better solution

gg2o is more like cota :coffee:


All I want is for them to nerf the living shit out of Noel’s drive.


Kill Ragna. Both in SP and MP.