Any new pad options for Guile players?

Ok so in vanilla, i used the madcatz fightpad the entire time and it was pretty good, but shortly before super came out, the jab button got really sticky and the jab button is HUGE part of Guiles game so i had to buy a new one.

Got one, it was alright for the first few days but then it started randomly jumping, so i sent it back and got a new one. This one was even worse because it’d randomly freeze you, randomly throw out pokes, randomly move forward and randomly jump…HORRIBLE! So i sent that one back and in the meantime i tried the regular ps3 pad, it actually hurts but the buttons seem durable, really easy to pull off the cr lp crmp link online, but the fierce buttons are in a weird place, takes some adaptation that i’d be willing to go through, worse case scenario.

Then ofcourse there’s the stick. I used to play on them all the time 10 years ago or more when arcades were really popular, but this stick seems MUCH harder and i’m not sure why. I go to practice and even with a character like ryu throwing a hadoken consistantly is like pulling a tooth, did i just get a bad stick? I’m quite sure i’d have no problem if i went to the arcades, I haven’t had a problem since i was 10 years old or younger

So, what do other Guile users suggest? Are their other pads out there besides madcatz with a good configuration and nice durability? Or do i have to learn to use that awkward variation of an arcade stick and…cya in 6 months?

i posted a thread asking about pad users with guile:

bottom line i got from everyone: stick > pad MOST of the time, but what it boils down to is what you’re ultimately comfortable with.

i used a pad until i just got a stick last week, and yeah getting used to it is a real b*tch. but after nearly only 1-2 days moves were easier to pull off, but definitely no where near fully getting used to the stick…

also, it depends on the quality of you’re stick. if you have the TE, you’re golden. if you have the SE or equivalent, you may want to upgrade the parts.

If you want the arcade equivalent, go buy a hori stick and replace the joystick with a p360 part. That’s pretty much as close as you’re going to get to the arcade feel. The stick you have now is probably geared to japanese style which is extremely loose. American style has more resistance and is stricter.

I had the TE arcade stick, sold it. I’m still a pad player at heart. I have no problems charging on pad simply because of the way I handle the pad. I use the middle of the my thumb (the joint part) to hold back and when I need to go forward, I simply roll the point of my thumb to the opposite end. I can do this faster than I could ever go back and forth on a joystick (I do the same with buttons, maybe one of the benefits of having larger hands). I tend to play heavy-handed with joysticks and overall I think I’m more accustomed to HAPP joysticks. Maybe one day I’ll invest in a HAPP arcade stick. In the meantime… unless you’re like GeoM and can actually play with the 360 pad, the MadCatz Fightpad seems like the best option. However, if you’re on PS3, you can easily find a converted Sega Saturn control pad, which IMO is superior to the MadCatz Fightpad. With the 360, you might have to look around and get a USB converter and find a USB Saturn Pad on ebay.

UPDATE: I just randomly ran into this pad at Frys:

I’ve been testing it today… and I can say its better than both the 360 standard and the Mad Catz Fightpad. It feels very sturdy (just like the 360 official) and is very responsive. I also like that the control pad is a + one instead of just a round floaty one… personally it gives me more accuracy with charge characters. My only gripe about it is the fact that the two shoulder buttons are also hardwired as shoulder buttons on the far right face buttons. I would have preferred the layout to be the same as the MadCatz one, even if I had to sacrifice two buttons. Luckily the trigger buttons have less “action” to them and will register faster than the standard 360. Also a nice addition is the fact that you can adjust the sensitivity of the analogs. Last gripe is the placement of the turbo switches… as I don’t use turbo… they kind of get in the way. I would have preferred start and back buttons to be there instead.

UPDATE 2: Just ran into this as well for the PS3.

Looks like a less stiff control pad for the PS3, but still no six facing buttons.

I used to have sega saturn back in the day and i remember one of my pads eventually tired out:( Not sure how “easy” it is to find a modified ps3 one, but unlike madcatz i want to actually be able to buy this once and rely one it.

After searching it looks like the only hori pads with the decent button setup come out for xbox360 only…wtf

The purolator with the newest madcatz fightpad showed up 2day while iw as having a match with a ryu…missed him:(

Thats unfortunate. They do have 360 to PS3 controller converters. Perhaps you can buy the Hori 360 one and get the converter? Haha, seems like a lot of hoops to jump through and not sure about the final costs. Perhaps Hori will release one for PS3 soon.

I’m gonna have to say stick.
I was in the same boat as you except with a keyboard (SF4 on PC). Got a stick and saw my game diminish completely. Couldn’t do anything, including throw fireballs on command and god forbid I had to do an SRK! Something random always came out.
Naturally I always came back to the KB after a few games with the stick.
Finally I decided to set aside my online ego and just get used to the stick so for the following 2 weeks I did nothing but play on my modded Mayflash (Sanwa buttons, LS-56 stick…love that little loud, squeaky bastard).
First week was horrible. I think I lost every single match my first 3-4 days. But after that week I stopped having to think about what I’m doing and things just started falling into place. By the end of week 2, I was exactly where I was with the KB. I could pull off everything in my arsenal on command without having to think about it.

Best part is that by the end of week 3, I surpassed my KB level by miles and got to the point where things like Ryu’s SRK FADC Ultra started coming out on reaction, Boxers overhead>>headbut>Ultra, you name it.

Then I got a TE and things just got better.

My point is, find a stick thats comfortable but try to aim for any one of the tournament sticks (Hori or TE, doesn’t matter) if possible as they are the closest thing to an SF arcade cab. Give it enough time and don’t touch that pad, no matter how frustrated you might get at first. Everytime you go back to it during the learning stage, you erase all that you have learned on the stick.
Give it 3 weeks and I promise you, you will not only match your pad skill but surpass it.