Any news about the Capcom unity pre order late shipment gift?

So Capcom said they were doing something for those of us that received our game late, but when will we hear what it is or even get it? Haven’t we waited long enough?

Or did it already come and I got extra screwed

Misleading topic title >:/

Sorry, how was it misleading. Trying to figure out what and when we get whatever we get for them dropping the ball on shipments

In the subject it sounded like you were answering the question, not asking it

Oh, my bad. Wish I knew the answer. It just seems stupid we are still waiting, you would think they would have tried to fix the problem faster

They were going to ship it to you, but it also got delayed.

Ok I lol’d.

But seriously, I think it’s just a false promise to keep you guys happy. The gesture alone will give them good publicity, whether or not they follow through with the gesture though won’t really be noticed by many lol.

Sadly that’s still better than a free costume pack, which I assumed they would do

As far as I know, it was outside of their control, right?

I don’t know how much budget they would have to give you a gold crown a jet pack or anything super awesome.

I was bitten by this too for two CEs. I’ll be interested in seeing what bone they throw us, but I can’t imagine it’s anything life-changing.

Nah, I figure we’d see something on the Unity blog whenever it actually happens. I wonder if they’d look for community feedback before making a final decision on what it’d be. I’m trying to think in my head what could be something they’d actually consider giving us that is somehow not predictable or meh. Obvious things are coupons for the store, or costume dlc for MVC3 or something. I guess a free copy of the strategy guide would be a somewhat fancier present. Trying not to get my hopes up for anything too cool or interesting, but of course I wouldn’t mind being surprised. Hope they don’t take too long.

Of course in any case it’s still nice to know they’re planning something. Though of course not doing anything would be a dick move. They need to get people back on board with the idea of ordering from the store.

I thought the strategy guide was Brady Games so a: it wouldn’t be theirs to give away and b: some of us already have that. :\

I think a rep already said they were doing something, so I wouldn’t sweat it for a lil’ bit. Plus just the bookkeeping alone on ensuring that everybody has theirs now and knowing who was affected would seem like a minor PITA.

I’m guessing whatever or whoever they announce tomorrow on machinimalive is going to be free for those affected. I highly doubt they will give us anything physical. I’d love to get some awesome schwag from Capcom but that would cost them money, if they give away DLC then it’s just a bit less money than they are already going to make.

Ah, yeah if the guide isn’t sold by Capcom then I guess it makes sense not to expect it… I wouldn’t mind the item not being the guide in any case. Could otherwise be an art book, as far as books go. But anyway…

Random, just noticed the PS3 Special Edition seems to be back in stock at the Capcom store. Whaddaya know.

I care less about the value and more about the exclusivity

Very true. It would be nice to get something that no one else has since we got screwed over like no one else did. It would probably also explain how long it’s taking make an announcement.

Look on Capcom-Unity for news regarding that, this has nothing to do with srk.

^-- I care. <3

News from Capcom: affected people will get a free copy of the BradyGames guide.

That’s pretty cool. I bought two SE copies from Capcom that got delayed, which means I may end up with three guides. :lol: