Any news/info on the Tekken 6 stick bundle?


Anyone have info on the quality of this stick? Which parts it uses etc? Thinking about picking up the bundle.


Hori parts. Wireless with dongle.

Not “tournament recommended” straight from MarkMan’s words.


siiigh… disappointed!

Anyways anone know if it has quick disconnects on the buttons?


very much doubt it since in the past if it has hori buttons and no sanwa stick. Then the buttons will be soldered straight to the board.


he said not good for tournments because its wireless not because the stick sucks


I wouldnt take a stick that has a hori stick and buttons to a tourney. Wireless or not.


This maybe is very stupid, but can this stick be used on a computer?


For the 360 possibly if you have the wireless receiver for regular wireless 360 controllers. I’d imagine you can also sync any other 360 controller, or stick, with the receiver as well.