Any news on PS4 sticks?



You’d think that SOMEONE would have said something about one being in development, no?


The PS4 only came out last November. You got to give it time.
The PS3 was released in the US in 2006, it was not till 2008 that Hori came out with the Hrap 3, Sega had the VSHG and Mad Catz had the SE and TE.


Was it a 2 year gap? Man, It didnt seem like that long o_O


Well it takes quite a while before the manufacturer will give up design templates to 3rd party devs :confused: are there even any 3rd party PS4 controllers yet?

I think we’ll just have to be patient :confused: but on the flip side, there are no real fighting games for the PS4 yet xD


Well, the new GG comes out on PS4 later this year. Im sure ArcSys will be releasing a ps4 stick with it. Same thing Killer Instinct did.

Do any ps3 sticks work on ps4?


By default NO.

The List of PS3 devices that works on the PS4.

Although Software developers/Publishers do have the option of including drivers and software to support 3rd party devices (like steering wheels or arcade sticks).


if and when there is news it will be plastered all over this & many other web sites, to get the hype wheel rolling

so the fact that you have to ask should answer your question


More like is there any news on relevant fighting games coming out on ps4?

The console has like 7 games, give it time.


I keep wondering why @d3v doesn’t just close all these sorts of threads when they appear.
I mean, a stick on the PS4 would pretty damn big news, especially here in TT. There’s no way you wouldn’t hear about it when it actually happens.


^ this


Injustice is on the PS4 Now
There a new Guilty Gear is suppose to be coming out for the PS4
There some new IP that looks promising, Legend of Raven


Only released in Japan


Xbox layout? No thanks.


^ (This)^2


Because there’s (unfortunately) no rule on not making dumb threads.


Think about it now, if its a reasonably cheap and easy pad hack compared to the Sony DS4, then it be worth it, for it’s PCB for stick mods.


D3v aren’t you head mod of TT? Aren’t you the judge dredd+robo cop of TT? Aren’t you the law?

Also, I don’t get the xbox controller design hate, it’s nothing horrible like the wiiupro design and some games are better suited to the left thumbstick in that position.

I don’t get why you’d make a playstation controller in japan with the design but I know there are tons of people whining about wanting an xbox layout for their playstations in the western world.

I also don’t get why hori would make the xbox design when the dualshock design is so much better for fighting games, I guess it’s because while I think of hori as arcade sticks and fighting games they’re not about arcade sticks and fighting games. Just third party console tchotchke.