Any News On Upcoming 2-D Fighters?

Hey! I was just curious about whether or not anyone has heard about Street Fighter 4 coming out anytime soon? Is there another Street Fighter game waiting just behind the corner of late 2005 or possible early 2006?? What about a new King Of Fighters or maybe even a new game from the Cross-Over series? If anyone has heard anything please let me know as I am highly interested – Thanks :karate:

No new SF. Don’t expect there to ever be one either.


We’ll have to wait till 2008 for SF4 I heard…

mothafuckin rumblefish 2

Where did you hear about SF4 in 2008? Do you have proof?

No, no SF4 announcements.

Games recently released: Melty Blood Act Cadenza (seems to be doing well in Japan) and Rumblefish 2

Incoming: Senko no Ronde, and another one I don’t remember its name.

Announced: Viewtiful Joe fighter, but not many details known to date.

is KOF 2005 going to be released?

i know they skipped a year ('04?) but i really don’t keep up on the news.

Is rumble fish 2 out in American arcades, or is it just Japan right now?

I know Garou is supposed to be re released.

Spectral vs. Generation.

edit: and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Last blade 2 as well

news about SF4 coming out in 2008 was state in the Street Fighter: Eternal challenge artbook. capcom also ask Play magazine if SF4 should be 2D or 3D at the last E3 show.

I doubt Street Fighter 4 will ever be released. 20th anniversary or not. After CFJ I seriously doubt whether Capcom would want to risk another 2D fighting game release.

I bet my hymen they’ll make another one!

The SF franchise still has blood in it, not as much to make serious cash off of right now but there is blood in it.

They might comeback later on once they are in a more solid position to release a 2D fighter. Hopefully they will not just release another cut and paste job like CFJ was.


Sammy vs Capcom should be out next month :badboy:

sammy vs capcom? i havent seen any “news” on that since 03.

Let’s hope that Capcom Fighting Evolution 2 is announced and/or we’ll hear news, see screenshots, etc… from Sammy VS Capcom.

Um… didn’t someone say something about a new Guilty Gear in the works not to long ago?

i dont hold much hope for spectral vs generation. there was a surprise loke test of it today in monte carlo osaka and i stopped playing after 5 minutes or so and let the computer beat me up.

average graphics, not enough characters and those in it seemed pretty generic/lacking style. sluggish lacking a crisp feel. mimics the samsho button layout but whats the point when 0special shits all over it?

just a very initial impression of course but ill stick with waiting for nbc and playing act cadenza at this point…