Any nice charlie combos?

I know he dont play the same as Guile, but I’ve like Charlie ever since X-Men vs. Street Fighter do to his combos (I dont like him in SF Alpha series cuz Capcom is obsessed with giving him wierd super combo motions for his super flash kick).

Well if there’s any good combos for him, let me know! I dont care if he aint no top tier, this is just for trying out combos!

He’s a faster version of guile, with an extra air move (the crescent kick thing). You can use that to screw people up by doing it and then do crouch lk.

One combo to do on scrubs is:

launch, [s.lp,,,, backbreak grab, OTG,, c.hp], repeat [ ]

It becomes sort of an infinite if they don’t tech or roll.

You can change it by doing OTG,, into flashkick super too.

Other than that he doesn’t really have any combos, he has an infinite dealing with assist, sonicboom, super, repeat. Not very useful, ive only done it in training.

just c.mkXsuper :slight_smile:

Thats odd, i thought guile was quicker, and dont u think they have about the same amount of moves since charlie can’t air flash kick?

guile and charlie play much differently… charlie can’t take sentinel for beans.

WEll I know they different but but the # of special moves are bout the same.

They have different uses and properties. Guile’s air flashkick can act as a double jump. Charlie doesn’t have that ability, he just has an over head.

I’m a bigger fan of Guile’s air flashkick than Charlie’s moonsault slash, but never forget that the moonsault slash can be used multiple times in one super jump. Doing it twice is an okay surprise move…

Charlie’s sonic boom super is also really good when used as part of the Team Super, as his projectiles linger on the screen afterwards and allow you to further link stuff.

Here’s some shit I got for Charlie.

His Qcf+KK super is really cool to cancel to Mag’s tempest. If you cancel before the last three hits the enemy will be shaking and magneto will hit them with a head on tempest.

Corner Combo:

Jump in - j.fp, dash c.lp,, [c.hp]Launch, Magic Series, sj.Fp Pause one second, land,,

I believe about 60-75% and you can’t include specials or assists when they land, I’ve tryed.

In corner: Hk throw, when they land,, QCB+KK.

Or instead of special do a flash kick. Good damage.

When and if you play Storm with charlie, keep sending out sonic booms. If she trys Hail Storm it will knock her down.

That’s all I got so far. Enjoy.

Got some new shit:

In corner: Hk throw, before they hit ground, xXQCB+KKXx, if you did it right they should fly real high up on the last hit, when they fall,, xXQCB+KKXx

It’s pretty good damage.

You can also combo after his sweep with a s.short and do QCB KK super.

…on a one-on-one, lllll believes charlie has a better chance to defeat a sentinal than a guile does, just lllll’s opinion. flashkicks owns ground sentinals! buhahahahahahahahahaha!

  • blah, sh!t happens in the “corner” = launch, lp, lk,lp, mk, (hp, hk/lk flashkick). hk again before you hit the ground, thus = otg, standing lk, hp, then hk throw and do as you wish. it is possible to do three flashkicks supers, if you cho0se to lk, mp after the throw. see you guys at evolution, ciao and game 0n!

haha, i thought charlie might deserve a boost in here…
If you learn to sj. or regular jump the moonsault slash real fast, you can use that as a surprise overhead. I haven’t figured out a motion like a tigerknee for it yet, but I usually end up with sj. or jump cancelled into it really fast while another assist is coming out. Pretty much everything else in charlie’s game is covered in the boards here. I’m gonna try to OTG after surprise moonsault from now on to see if it works. Anyway, it’s easier to TK a guile flashkick (pretty useful actually) than a charlie moonsault slash.

Umm, doesn’t belong here, but Ryu doesn’t seem to land after sj. jab fireball if you keep doing it. For some reason, he just doesn’t land if you keep doing it right before he lands.

Charlie’s SK Flashkick actually recovers decently so it’s relatively safe to use on flying sentinels. Moonsault slash SK version comes out faster, but the delay on RH version causes people to stop blocking sometimes if you mix it up.

Rolling owns Charlie…max Moonsault slashes i’ve gotten out is 3 in a sj. it’s semi-useful for changing the timing of your descent or moving forwards slightly. You can attack afterwards so do 1 moonsault slash to move down faster and then throw out a regular attack after to surprise some people.

I use D,DB,B,UB,U,UF,F (270 degress from down to forward) to SJ-TK the moonsault. That’s the quickest way I can get it out, and it’s a nice quick overhead/potential cross-over that works okay with Tron Bonne-Y assist.

Charlie greatest ever

mid screen sj cancel fkCMS c fp sj lp lk mp fkCMS

c.fp sj lp lk mp fkCMS fk otg f+fk


j fk sj cancel fk CMS otg c.fp sj fk fkCMS

cool mid screen combo

c fk sj cancel fkCMS fksomersault

charlie is pretty strong, has great corner combos.

fast somersault super

92 hit combo highest i got with him

  • U C D

Fuck you’re dumb, the motion itself makes it a “tigerknee” move, UP (i.e. makes you jump), uptowards, towards+kick.

Anyway here’s a combo:

(Corner) j.HP, (dash st.LP,st.MP, st.HPxxboomxxqcf+pp)x5, dash st.LP,st.MP,cr.HP /\ sj.LP,sj.MPxxHK air razor, otg sj.HK /, lauch blah blah blah …

Yes this combo sucks because it has otg but so do all the other crap combos you guys listed.

you can also do the unrollable (lauchxxqcb.kk)xn combos but those suck even more.

Have fun