Any NY/NJ stick modders?


Hey guys, just recently bought the pelican universal stick and would like to swap out the buttons and joysticks. I have never done this so I don’t want to take a chance screwing it up, so I rather have it done for me. If anyone konow anyone from NY or NJ, please let me know or just PM me, Thanks.



Read the stickies at the top. Especially the one that’s titled:
“Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post.”


I did. Contacted the 2 guys from NY last week. One guy hasn’t responded and the other did, buy only once. I wanted to have this done ASAP, because I wanted to get it to my brorther for his birthday coming up.

So, I made this thread hoping there was possibly more modders out there.


You can get your stuff modded at NextLevel in Brooklyn if you really need it.


Thanks SUPARNOVX… I’ve been talking to networkyuppy. I just need to order the stick buttons and a paewang board. I’m going to order an IL stick, IL buttons from paradisearcadeshop. Do you know where I can order the paewang board? Also, whats the difference between happ and IL buttons? Thanks


In the 90’s and early 2000’s Happ used to order buttons and Joysticks from iL and then sold them as their own brand. They then copied the molds and joystick sometime in the mid 2000’s and had manufactured their knockoffs with a little bit of quality drop. Then a few years ago, happ went from cherry microswitches to e-switches. Anecdotally i’ve heard the e-switches are of lower quality but have never tested this myself.

In short, spend the extra money on iL parts. I heard that the diagonals on the new happ competitions are harder to hit than on an authentic iL joystick. Buttons I suppose are the same aside from the switches.


Cool, Thanks for the info. Do I have to buy the cherry switches separate, or are they come with the buttons? BTW, If I were to go convex…IL or Sanwa?