Any of you guys ever pulled an all-nighter for college?

Yeah, I have pretty much a semester’s worth of homework to do since I slacked off, but the professor is nice and said if I can get it in to him ASAP, he won’t count it as late. So I’ve been up all night working on this, and am taking a snack break right now before I dive back into this.

2 four page essays, lots of reading and analyzing text, and a powerpoint presentation have to be done.

I learned my lesson, i’m getting really tired, only thing keeping me up is Red Bull and rap music

Shit that was a semesters end regular occurrence for me back in HS.

Yes, it sucks. A lot of people I know do good on test when they cram. For me, I don’t. I just can’t handle all that information in one night. I can only study for couple hours a day.

Adderall or ritalin helps too if you’re desperate.

hey anyone ever drink so muuuch beer that you had to puke :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have an all nighter to pull for my statistics class tomorrow to make up for 3 missed homeworks. I also remember back in middle school pulling an all nighter to read all of the fourth Harry Potter book and do a book report on it. Took a solid 6 hours to do. All nighters are not fun, that’s for sure.

=/ yeah

3:16 am here and i have to go to the U in 2 hours to present my biomaterials final

and my GF is playing skyrim >_>

Hmm I’m a freshman in college and I should probably being doing what your doing.

goes back to playing marvel

I had a final paper due once (a piece opposing the fair tax, I think) that took me until 7 or 8 in the morning to finish on the date it was due. With my current superpowers, it’s probably the kind of thing I could knock out nowadays with no problem, but as a lowly sophomore, I had to slave at it. The research and other preparatory concerns took far longer than the actual writing, which was a purely mechanical exercise.

The irony is that I’m a total night owl as long as I’m doing something for my own amusement, but as soon as I try to motivate myself to fulfill some kind of obligation, sleep starts sounding pretty sweet.

The question is, who hasn’t?

Stayed up 72hrs straight for final hand-ins , started hallucinating. Battled on, went to the petrol station (next door) to buy some red bull, met a girl I liked, got home realized my zipper was open, worked for another 3 hrs handed in my work, went home passed out for 2 hrs then went out clubbing. Passed out in some random girls lap. Woke up, still drunk and tired, had to go for an interview with the RIBA inspector.

I miss uni

Just got off of finals week, in the same situation as you with the semesters worth of work. I got about 6 hours in a 72 hour span last week Wed Thurs Fri and those were naps between my exams. Last week of the semester sucks if you put everything off but the 17 weeks before it are definitely worth it.

As a matter of fact, I’m about to do one today. I’ve got an essay to hand in tomorrow. My bedtime is usually 3AM anyway, go me.

Did an all nighter on Sunday to get presentation notes sorted for the following day. Tried pulling another one yesterday for getting an already late essay in for Friday, and it’s still not done. May have to pull another one, much to my annoyance.

All-nighters are a common occurrence. Once, I had a big programming assignment to do and didn’t leave the lab until 4 AM.

coffee is your best friend

Once I went to bed at the time I was supposed to wake up after spending all night writing a paper. Almost missed the bus because of it.

Lol, if I stay up that late there’s no point in me going to sleep. I just ride it out until the day ends.

Spent around 3 days doing a group assignment two semesters ago. College finals are so fucking annoying.


The only all nighters for me were with the ladies.

Please read that in Isaac Hayes voice

Edit: while he was alive

I’ve done 2 years of community college, and am on my second year away at school. Closest thing I’ve had to an ‘all-nighter’ is staying up until 1:00am to finish a programming assignment. What, am I the only one who starts doing work before the last minute? :sweat: