Any Official Alignments? (Good/Bad/Neutral)

I’m happy to see Juri and Adon in SSFIV just because it seems to me that SFIV lacks “evil” or “bad” characters. During the events of SFIV… I’ve been under the impression its:

Fei Long: Good
Cammy: Good (Bad in SFII)
Akuma: Bad
Gouken: Good
Dhalsim: Good
Blanka: Good
Guile: Good
Ryu: Good
E. Honda: Good
Zangief: Good (I thought Bad in SFII)
Chun Li: Good
Ken: Good
Seth: Bad
M. Bison (Dictator): Bad
Sagat: Bad (Killed Dan’s father, is vengeful, and was/is affiliated with Shadoloo, but has neutral qualitiesl to me.)
Vega (Claw): Bad
Balrog (Boxer): Bad
Abel: Good
Crimson Viper: ? (undercover agent… Bad?)
Rufus: Bad (Or Neutral… he just hates Ken, is a loud mouth, and treats Candy (his GF) badly)
El Fuerte: Good
Sakura: Good
Rose: Good (She’s Bison’s “good side”… correct?)
Dan: Good
Gen: ? (I know he’s Chun Li’s father’s master as well as Yun & Yangs… but I’m not too sure)

Dee Jay: ? (The movie made him Bad, not sure about his SFII alignment)
T. Hawk: ? (I Thought Good in SFII)
Cody: Neutral (But was good until serving in jail?)
Guy: Good
Adon: Bad
Juri: Bad

Sagat is good in sf4, as is c. viper, she works undercover for the cia. Also rufus isn’t really bad, he’s just a prick.

Gen used to be an assassin though he’s watched over and protected chun li. Now that he’s dying he’s constantly searching for someone powerful enough to kill him - he fought against akuma at some point and held his own, though when akuma realised he was dying he didn’t think it was honourable to continue and left, which really pissed gen off - but I think that means he’s going to have quite a job actually finding someone that can kill him. Anyway, i’d say gen leans to the side of good.

Cody was framed, that’s why he was in prison, he’s good.

Dee jay is good/nuetral

don’t ever follow anything the movie implies to the story

Trust me, I know not to do that. “Carlos” Blanka… lol! At least the movie had Kylie Minogue in tight outfits.

Wow… even less baddies in SFIV than I thought! I misinterpreted Viper’s ending… I thought she was working for some other agency trying to get the BLICE project for them.

Sagat being good kind of makes sense, especially with Adon now appearing as his rival in SSFIV. His reasons for holding the first tournament was also not typical of a true bad guy.

Thanks for clarifying! I blame Capcom for not doing a good job telling the story. ;p

Because, while it’s good fluff, in the end most of us don’t really care much for the story.

Sagat repented for his sins and is good now. Or something like that.

I agree to that, and that’s why SFII is still played today. Actually, that probably led to the good sales that in-turn allowed Capcom to keep re-releasing all of the SFII variants. Even though back in the day Mortal Kombat had what I feel are “cooler looking characters” and did a better job at explaining the story, SF was king when it came to gameplay. That’s what truly matters. I’m only asking about the alignments more-so out of curiosity since it just struck my head that there weren’t many baddies. I guess I just want there to be more of a balance.

Actually I’m pretty sure Akuma kills him. I’m pretty sure a lot of characters have died already, in SFIV they brought back:

Gen was killed by Akuma.
Gouken was killed by Akuma.
Bison’s soul was sent to hell by Akuma.
Vega got pretty much killed by Chun after 2. (In the movie and Udon comic.)
Rose was killed by Bison (I think?)

And if you want a list of alignments its probably:

Fei Long: Neutral - He’s a movie star who’s just fighting back for Shadaloo attacking his crew members.
Cammy: Good, Bad in SF2 like you said.
Akuma: Neutral - He’s all about being strong, the only reason why he fights Ryu is because he wants to awaken his Satsui No Hadou.
Gouken: Good
Dhalsim: Good
Blanka: Neutral - Just trying to find his mom.
Guile: Good
Ryu: Neutral - He never actually takes sides, Shadaloo is always attacking him, not the other way around.
E. Honda: Neutral - Just trying to make Sumo more famous.
Zangief: Neutral - Just wants someone to hug him back.
Chun Li: Good
Ken: Neutral - Just like Ryu, more interested in becoming a strong fighter than seeing justice done.
Seth: Evil
M. Bison (Dictator): Evil
Sagat: Neutral - Used to be Evil, but now all he wants is to fight Ryu.
Vega (Claw): Evil
Balrog (Boxer): Evil
Abel: Neutral - Just wants to uncover his past.
Crimson Viper: Good - CIA operative.
Rufus: Neutral - Ken is to him what Ryu is to Sagat. Think about that for a second.
El Fuerte: Neutral - Trying to master his cooking and wrestling. Not very good at either.
Sakura: Neutral - Just following Ryu.
Rose: Good
Dan: Neutral - Just trying to be THE STRONGEST.
Gen: Neutral - Used to be evil, now just protects Chun Li.
Dee Jay: Neutral - Just has to have that rhythm.
T. Hawk: Good - Shadaloo stole his land, or girls from his tribe, or they attacked his home in mexico or something…
Cody: Good - He saved the city! Just got framed.
Guy: Good - He saved the city too! Ninjas just never get framed.
Adon: Bad - Pretty much a douche.
Juri: Bad - Or so we think so far.

I hope my alignment in SSF4 doesn’t affect which items I can equip!

Gen was never mentioned as killed by Akuma in Alpha.
It seems that Akuma interfering in the tournament never happened officially (all the material for SFIV point to Chun Li and/or Guile beating him with the help of Ken and Ryu).
Rose never died (saved by Guy).

The ony one who’s trully back from the dead is Gouken and even he might be a clone (or so vasili10 seems to indicate).

Cammy was already in Delta Red and going after Shadaloo by the time of SFII. The only time where she could be considered bad would be in Alpha 3.

Lawful Good Lawful Neutral Lawful Evil
—Guile-------- Ryu------Vega(Claw)

Neutral Good True Neutral Neutral Evil

Chaotic Good Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil

I thought cammy was good except in alpha, were she was controlled by bison. She is at least neutral in super 2

Akuma is at least Chaotic Neutral or even Lawful Neutral since he’s pretty much like Ryu except he’s willing to kill or be killed in battle.

i think i saw an official artwork somewhere where gen defeats akuma. i think it was in the alpha 2 guide or something. this must have happened before sf1 or sf alpha.

as for who is good or evil, the only character that is truly evil is bison and probably seth.

balrog is just money hungry, he’ll prolly suck dick for money.

vega is just crazy, sagat just had a grudge vs ryu, and gief was only depicted as a bad guy because he came from the USSR.

akuma and gen just had different philosophies from ryu/gouken which doesnt make them evil

sigh People STILL think Akuma is bad/evil?

Sf has a pretty throw away story. For a fighting game with a good story play blazblue.

Unfortunately when you play Ryu, you can’t be creative when you RP him because he’s Lawful Good, and any utilitarian move you do makes you evil according to many DMs.

He IS a murderer.

Akuma is mad evil lol. He wants to murder his older brother for a chance to make ryu evil so he can murder him too…the guy is a nutjob. Gouken is probably like the most honorable character in SF, i seriously doubt he wants to keep having death matches with his kid bro.