Any old-school Karate Champ players out there?

I’m probably dating myself here, but I loved this game back in the day. Way before even the original Street Fighter, I used to sink tons of quarters into this game. For those who never played it, Karate Champ used a unique two-joystick approach to execute various martial arts manuevers, and was actually fairly ahead of its time. It’s also the game Van Damme is playing in the movie Bloodsport (I watched this movie last night and that’s what got me thinking about it). I remember my parents buying me the NES cart almost as soon as it came out, but with no double-joystick, that version of the game was pretty weak.

The reason I’m asking because I’m wondering if anyone knows of an arcade compilation disc (PS1/PS2/etc.) that might have this game in the collection. I’m thinking some dual-shock Karate Champ action might actually rule right now.

EDIT: Wow, it actually does exist for PS2!

Oh yes :china:

I always thought Way of the Exploding Fist and “Chop ‘N’ Drop” were fantastic games for their day. DF + punch = lunge punch of doom! POP that gut!

I am not that old school, but my older friend was an avid fan of Karate Champ back in the day. A few months back we fired it up on Mame and played for a while… funny shit. “Hajime!”




I only played Way of the Exploding Fist and International Karate, but I still got Black Belt! Yaaay

Dont know if everyone knows this, but the Bull from Karate Champ:

is a hidden character in Data Easts much later Karnovs Revenge/FHD:


I used to love flipping over someone and then doing a reverse roundhouse kick to the back of their head. Think the command was down/up then right/left.

Way of The Exploding Fist was great too. The loading screen with the Bruce Lee yell used to scare the shit out of me.

Dude, Red-Guy is Top tier.

White-Guy Blows.

I used to see the arcade machines with 2 sticks and always wondered how many moves were possible and if there was any strategy to countering with specific moves.

I made it to (and beat) OX once before, pretty cool of DE to put him as a hidden character.

I’m a really old school player, as I used to play KC alot back in the late 80’s.

So is this going to be released in the states? maybe with a few other Data East games? I’M BAD!

You know if they remade Karate Champ, they could actually keep the conrols the same if they smoothed them out, and made the game play a little faster.

Hell yes, that was my move too! That and the ever-popular flying side kick to the cranium, although if you whiffed you were pretty much toast. Then again, if you whiffed anything in Karate Champ you were toast.

IIRC, you also had to use that same flip to get past the charging bull stage. You couldn’t just punch or kick him between the horns and be done with it (a’la Ken in the SF II V series), you actually had to flip over him.

And while we’re on the subject of Karate Champ bonus stages, what the hell kind of martial arts tournament has people throwing beer bottles at the participants?

Very funny review.

I’ll always remember this coverart from the Spectrum48k days:

Interesting re-view!

Nice find, btw…

And as far as flipping over your opponent and doing a reverse roundhouse kick (or back kicking)? I used that technique all the time, also…:lol:

A maximum of 64 possible moves - 8 directions times 8 directions. I don’t know how many were in the game.

But I think the sticks only made use of the N/E/S/W positions, which meant you had closer to 16 moves in all. And at least three of those positions were used for character movement, so…

One great thing about Karate Champ is that it was definitely a high-risk, high-reward experience. Since one hit was all it took to down your opponent, you really had to have your gameplan downpat before the match started. Should you go for a simple Front Kick for an easy 1/2 point or go for the flash with a Flying Side Kick hoping to score a full point? The wrong decision could potentially cost you, as the different techniques actually had different ranges and priorities (which I’m pretty sure was a first for a fighting game). And at higher levels, you rarely got a second chance, since the CPU was going to make you pay for almost any whiffed/blocked attack.

P.S.: Great review in that earlier post.:wgrin:

I think you can beat the bull with a reverse punch (The cockpunch heh heh) down/up iirc (or left/right? :confused: ). I don’t think a forward kick would work on the bull.

Your right, Karate Champ had no diagonal movements for moves.

Left stick by itself was for moving your character. Some attacks only needed the right stick. neutral/right was the front kick. neutral/down was a standing low kick(shin kick?)and neutral/up was a high kick. neutral/left did a back kick facing behind I think.

IIRC, down/down and down/right did the same low sweep move.

Have to play again to make sure of this stuff. :sweat:

Dude, that is an absolute revelation for me! Keep in mind we’re talking twenty years ago, but I seem to remember trying to jump kick that damned bull and it never worked. But just yesterday I saw a screenshot that shows the guy punching the bull straight between the horns, so I guess it works!

BTW, I managed to get my hands on the Japanese PS2 re-release of Karate Champ, and I must admit it’s pretty disappointing. You only get the original 1984 release, not the improved 1986 version, Karate Champ VS. That’s the version I remember playing, the one with the damsel in distress that cried “My Hero!” every time you kicked someone in the nuts (see review).

Oh well, I’m definitely testing out that reverse punch on the bull tonight, that is if I can manage to avoid getting my ass handed to me in the second round, as was the case last time I played.

i guess we have to have money match shag!:wink:

yeah, i love this game. wouldn’t mind trying it on 2o mas sticks. or may be the 2 payer xarcade stick will do. i think only an arcade machine will do - all those other control options leave me bewildered.:clap:

but seriously i could never beat the bull. how do u stop him?