Any old threads on here that you wished you saved?


Srk has had quite a few gems that got purged…like speculations on upcoming fighters, random hilarious derping, or frank conversations with fallen members. Any come to mind that you wish you’d bothered to save as a txt or html file?

Is it possible to find posts/threads that you first created or very old posts

emotr3ndy. One of the greatest now ill remembered troll threads in SRK history.


any thread with bloodyYoukai in it.


I saved a couple, but they don’t have his epic drama-bursts in them.


I remember a thread a while back about Snaaaaake! giving his business to his sister. What happened to that one? :3 :rofl:


Any thread with SSJ Asianboy. Anyone remember that guy? Lol


The Goku Vs. Superman threads.


some of the old vs. and tier threads.


I cant seem to find that thread with Son Them All haha, i got a new pic for him…


Yeah I was gonna post wishing that the Son Them All thread was saved. :sad:


The Gaia Online invasion. Skeetbombs galore!


There was a prep-time Batman thread that I really liked. I think it got lost a few years back when SRK’s database crashed.


rokchic getting flamed so hard that she left the site forever

motoki vs srk

they were pretty funny threads. would be a good read if someone could post them up again


Anybody care to explain what happened there? I was gone from SRK for a few years… came back after it happened it seems. I keep seeing this RC vs Rokchic drama referenced in random SRK nostalgia threads.

And threads that I wish I archived…would definitely be the “son them all” saga. lolz Beyond the obligatory lolz of the incident, the pics that followed, the flames, the jokes, and rcaido’s wife and daughter stylin on SonThemAll… I especially enjoyed the part where that moderator from the car forum tried to talk shit about SRK’ers. Somebody in the thread, linked us to a car forum. (Ricer cars I believe) Somebody in their forum, found the SonThemAll SRK incident on of all places. One of the moderator posts in their forum, and calls us “anime nerds”. Well, I lol’d since he was rocking a Megatron avatar, from the animated series.



CVS2 Bad Games Thread circa 2003-2005.:rofl: The Hate was so epic back then. Bad Games threads just aren’t the same anymore.


I really really wish I saved my Bulletball (a high caliber table game) thread. I see direct references to the thread in my travels sometimes. Feels good, man.


I wish I still had the Irennicus “I banged a tranny” thread…


Crazy Story Thread III.

I did manage to save Stuckey’s adventures though, so at least one of the bigger parts of it are in my possession…


Crazy Story Thread III is what got me to actually start posting on GD. Best thread ever.


Son them All
Motoki wanting to punch people on sight
Crazy Story Threads
Wheelchair Hotties

Personal favorite…the “24” threads. Voodazz and Azrael chruning out the best recaps I have ever read. I mean 24 was great in its own right, but damn…SRKGD took it to the point where I didn’t need to watch the show. I just read the recaps.

I wish I can remember all the nicknames that were given to the characters…so fucking legendary.

Thank you guys.