Any One else online getting no sound effects?

Just had a homey a few hours ago pick up are pre orders in a freaking flash flood and thunder storm …i played threw the TUT and then hit online and can hear some of the voice actors words but non of the attack sound effects…Its like playing mute, i cant tell if im getting hit or hitting someone… worse there was already a patch when i threw it in…So im guessing a month of mute garbled sound until a new patch?

I know im not alone ,as i messaged a few people i played to see if it was happening to them and they said yes…only played 5 online rank matchs, but all in silence and a few grunts come out,

well guess i got training and mission, trails and arcade mode for a month to keep me busy, a bit disappointing they rushed it out to get the street date instead of delay it, then the on disc dlc not atleast ready to buy and then the atrocious reality show…i feel like someone opened Pandora’s box!

yes, everyone is getitng it, and it’s been discussed quite a bit in the “Netcode” thread.

well then atleast this thread will be here in the morning or next few days for the masses who pick up there copy and Go WTF and it wont clutter the fight in the netcode thread,im sure thats bloody enough with out the why the fuck there is no sound posts in there!!! this fucking sucks…

Im on xbox dont know for the next dude searching if its on both consoles.

It seems like the sound works when I’m in a laggy match, but when I’m in a perfect match it’s fucked up.

Such crap it’s kind of messing up my timing a bit

Yes, quite often. The noise from attacking and blocking won’t be there.

Really distracting, and to be honest pretty much unacceptable. (not that it’ll stop me from playing, but really capcom?)