Any one else use a Fein Multimaster?

I saw an infomercial on this and thought that it would be a great tool for making sticks.

I have been using it for cutting lexan and wood and like how it is lighter than using a circular saw. It is a bit pricey though, but so far the only tool on it I have used is the segmented saw.

looks more dangerous

It’s not as dangerous as all the saws out there. On the infomercial , they touched it with their finger.

I did actually see that on tv…

totally forgot about it, remember thinking that it looked too gimickey to be any good.

Well I actually have one, and for cutting lexan, it is quite superb. It is slower than a circular saw, but is easier to handle. If you use it carefully enough, you actually have a chance of cutting acrylic without it shattering or cracking.

Works well for wood too. It is like a power hacksaw and is relatively safe. I’ve only found the HSS segmented saw blade useful though.

Have not tried to sand anything down with it yet, but for painting cases, you should always to that by hand anyways.

Overpriced for what it does.
There’s cheaper alternatives that are close in functionality.

IMHO, the best tool for building sticks (not modding though) is a router. With some creativity you need no other tools really.

I saw the infomercial for this too…It looks pretty cool bit yeah it is pricey…Its good for sanding though

My dad has one from way back in the day, and I actually used it quite a bit to make my first stick.

At first I though it was a product by dremel but i guess its not

That’s an odd looking tool. But if it works well for you, awesome! Honestly, a stick could easily be built using nothing but hand tools. The tools you know the best will give you the best results so rock on if this is your choice.

Hell yeah you can…Cave Man style Hammer and Chisel… lol…