Any one in the Washington D.C area?


Anyone hear play in or around the D.C area?

I’m still pretty new to shoryken and to fighting games in general but anyone else in the area?


sorry bro you outa luck


i am. i live in arlington va, a couple miles from rosslyn

the scene here is COMPLETELY DEAD

i dont know anyone here that plays sf4 besides a couple of my friends and myself


nope. no DC scene. there are NO MD/VA threads at all here, so I guess you’re outta luck.


there are some md va threads but none of em concern any of the areas around dc and arlington

i blame the fact that im not good at sf4 on this

ive been playin online mostly, but its just not the same


Im in DC, but the closest you’ll find is the MD/VA ppl…


I am in D.C. also.


im right out of DC in Rockville, just north of Bethesda. check out the MD/VA threads, most people in there tend to be in the DC Metro area.


I know some Arlington heads that are talented but getting to play is difficult.

Its hard to get into the scene if you haven’t been to a tournament. Go to C3 and introduce yourself, eventually you’ll make friends and join the regular sessions.


I need to go to a C3 tourney my damn self. When is the next one?


This weekend :smiley: Hope you can make it!


i can never make it to c3

i always have stuff to do on that day

anybody live near rosslyn/ballston?


You’re retarted…but I wanna play games with you.


im retarded? eh?!?!?!?!


I don’t think I can make it to C3 this weekend. When is the next one?

I can go to that scion tournament tho. Is that any good? I will probably just go and watch for now(I’m not all that good.)

If anyone in the D.C area wants to play some games just add me via ps3 to play online or message me via pm and maybe we can play sometime.


I blame the fact that you’re not good at SF4 on the fact that you live in Arlington, but you feel like the players in the MD/VA threads are too far from you.

I live in Baltimore, and even I head down to Fairfax every so often to play. If you expect people to be right down the block from you, you’re crazy.

There are players as close as Alexandria. I know that much. Or is that too far…


no car bro. if i did have a car i wouldn’t be here posting on srk right now. and i didnt mean down the block, anyone who plays sf4 in a 4 mile radius would be nice. unfortuneately i’m pretty sure thats nonexistent


there are so many players here, we have had as many as 4 threads for our area going at once, and i know people around here regularly have gatherings and tournys


Well I’m in the dc area and it’s only very few arcades or places that have regular skilled players their regularly. Its some place in fairfax and a lan video game center in springfield mall. Also heard of some place called C3 in the Va area. Maybe a list of all the hot places in md/va/dc area thread would be more useful. Peace all.


i dont remember a lan gaming center at springfield mall. all i remember is a arcade and it doesn’t have sf4 or any relatively “new” fighting game. i dont even remember tekken 5 there last time i went. i dont think they even have mvc2.

tilt at ballston is definitely a dead spot but at least it has tekken 5 and mvc2 and some old crossover games

C3 is probably the best place around here in ashburn

whats this place in fairfax?