Any one know this maker he from around here

his case is very different from wat i usually see from you guys…

And after seeing alot of your custom sticks They are making me tempted to get some one to make me a custom too…even tho i have a HRAP2 now

Im not sure but this same stick was posted in I love my custom stick gallery

Dude, That stick looks very sexy, and thats a good question, i myself wanted to know who made that stick, ggs. to the one that made it.

Yeah his stick look damn nice…btw I think this forum should hold a contest of best custom stick or something like that…that would be great if some form of competiton to judge the best looking entries…

I dont know dude, i think all the stick builders in this forum are great in their own way, they all have different styles so it would be tough to compare their job.

they kind of had that before, but i dont think it worked out.

Byrdo would’ve won anyway.

Byrdo is very talented to say the least… but from what ive seen there are other builders on this forum that bring their own style to the table. With talents just as good imo

that is pretty ace affordable too

Well he’s based in France. Anyone in Europe should take him into consideration since you don’t pay any taxes, duty or other charges for delivery if you live in the EU. I would have definitely considered one of his sticks if I hadn’t bought an HRAP3 from Play Asia which was more expensive than his sticks due to the aforementioned charges!