Any one Need to buy a 15 Anniversary Street Fighter Arcade Stick for the Ps2/xbox?


Street Fighter 15 Anniversary Arcade Fight Stick (Ps2,Xbox)

That’s what I’m selling.:party:


Please use Trading outlet to sell.

However, to use trading outlet, you also need 6 months (Since you joined in October, you have to wait until April), and also have 50 posts.


Price is a tad high. I couldn’t sell my stick at that price and it was modded with an iL Stick & Happ buttons.


When all else fails…sell on eBay, LOL! I sold my SFAE w/Chthulu pcb, iL Euro & Happ Comps for $105 + shipping on there after I couldn’t sell it on here IN THE TRADING OUTLET.


I want it.


This, sorry.