Any one play Rage of the Dragons?

i was whipped on this game for awhile
i still suck
anyone wanna play?

I’d play, but i don’t use kaillera these days, sorry -.-

then beat it

i’ll play ya at rage of the dragons what server you in right now

shiet, i didn’t expect anyone to actually wanna play
i don’t have it on my comp anymore after i formatted my comp
can you tell me what i will need to play this game online?
and if you have any links, would you be so kind as to private message me the links?
i’m fiending for this game

btw, i used to play it on winkawaks 1.46

I’m… not great at the game, but sure, I’ll play somebody. I tend to be in the server or Dark Adictz, and I can use either Kawaks 1.46 or 1.54.